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Index of Categories and Topics in Free Management Library

Developed by Carter McNamara, Authenticity Consulting, LLC.

  • Categories of topics are listed alphabetically below.
  • Topics within categories are listed alphabetically -- otherwise, in typical order of use.
  • Numerous free, online articles are referenced within each topic.
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Action Learning

Understanding Action Learning
- what is Action Learning?
---remember -- Action Learning is a framework within
---which there can be variations
---brief descriptions of the process
---overviews of process and program components
- some theories underlying Action Learning
- some models of Action Learning
- numerous examples of applications of Action Learning
Action Learning Components & Programs
- components
- developing Action Learning programs
- evaluating Action Learning programs
Context of Action Learning Programs
- other methods of reflection and learning
- understanding learning and development
- many forms of development
- practitioners in learning and development
Related Resources and Topics
- related library topics
- general resources
--- bibliographies about Action Learning

Advertising and Promotion

- definition
- advertising laws
- planning
- writing ads
- classifieds (newspapers, etc.)
- direct mail
---mailing lists
- signs and displays
- radio and T.V.
- online
- measuring results
- also see:
---public and media relations
---product development

Benefits and Compensation

- basics of benefits
- planning a benefits program
- buying benefits
- basics of compensation
- salary surveys (general and technical)
- also see:
---career development
---employee law
---employee performance management
---employee wellness programs
---personnel polices, handbooks and records

Boards of Directors

Duties and Responsibilities
- comparing for-profit and nonprofit boards
- for-profit boards
- nonprofit boards
- board systems and operations
Corporate Documents
- articles and constitutions
- resolutions
- bylaws
- board policies
Accountability, Auditing and Disclosure
- auditing and compliance
- disclosure and reporting
Liabilities and Risk
- liabilities
- insurance (including D&O)
Laws Guidelines and Ethics
- governance laws
- securities laws
- corporate ethics
Officers and Roles
- general guidelines (all roles)
- chairperson
- vice chair
- lead director
- committee chair
- secretary
- treasurer
- board member
- chair and CEO role combined?
- other Roles
Staffing the Board
Composition of Members
- - general
- - independence of members
- - board diversity
- - women on the board
- board size
- term limits
- board succession planning
- recruiting members
- joining a board
- director compensation
- improving and Removing Members
Orienting, Educating, Informing Members
- board orientation
- board training
- board manuals and packets
Board Evaluation and Development
- governance codes and reports
- types of board problems
- board evaluation
- procedures to improve boards
- life stages of boards
- possible models and structures
- general advice
Special Topics
- international governance
- trends in governance
- philosophical thoughts
General Resources
- nonprofits
- for-profits
Board Committees
- forming committees
- advisory committees
- audit committees
- compensation committees
- executive committees
- finance committees
- fundraising committees
- grant making committees
- governance committees
- marketing committees
- public relations committees
- personnel committees
- programs committees
- risk committees
- strategic planning committees
Board Meetings and Retreats
- general guidelines
- agendas
- meeting minutes
- virtual meetings and board portals
- annual general meetings
- executive (in-camera) meetings
- retreats
Supervision of Chief Executive
- hiring the CEO
- hiring interim CEO
- evaluating CEO
- CEO succession planning
- executive compensation
- board CEO and employee relations
Shareholders and Stakeholder Relations
- shareholder relations
- shareholder value
- shareholder activism
- stakeholders
- proxies
- also see:
---chief executive role

Capacity Building (Nonprofit)

- suggested previous readings
- articles about capacity building
- common functions in nonprofits
- organizational performance management approaches

Career Development

- career advancement
- career change
- career planning
- dress for success
- networking
- resumes
- job satisfaction
- job searching
- interviewing for a job
- social networking
- also see:
---employee performance management
---employee wellness programs
---personal development
---personal productivity
---personal wellness
---training and development

Chief Executive Role

- what is chief executive officer?
- what do chief executive officers do?
- core areas of knowledge and skills
---basics in management and leadership
---coordinating activities/resources
- action learning
- CEO development
- evaluating the CEO
- transitioning to new CEO
- "founder's syndrome"
- also see:
---boards of directors
---CEO contracts
---management (an introduction)


Understanding Coaching
- what's coaching? compare to other fields?
- general framework of a coaching program
- coaching conversations and laser Coaching
---coaching conversations
---laser coaching
Coaching as a Service
- benefits of coaching
- hiring a coach and getting coached
---would you benefit from a coach? what kind?
---what's the cost? how long does it take?
Field of Personal and Professional Coaching
- two broad categories of coaching
---performance coaching
---well-being (life) coaching
- domains of coaching
---one-on-one coaching
---peer coaching
---group coaching
---organizational coaching
- some common types of coaching and virtual coaching
---business coaching
--- career coaching
---leadership, executive and management coaching
---life coaching
---virtual coaching
- some examples of coaching models
Doing Coaching
- useful skills for coaches
- coaching others
- evaluating coaching
Business of Coaching
- profession and professionalism for coaches
- business of coaching
General Resources and Topics
- some coaching training organizations and associations
- resources with many resources about coaching
- bibliographies of books about coaching
- many related topics

Communications (Face-to-Face)

- feedback
- interviewing (by media, for jobs, exit, etc.)
- listening
- presenting / speaking
- non-verbal
- questioning
- also see:
---communications (writing)
---interpersonal skills
---organizational communications

Communications (Writing)

- general advice
- composition skills
- basic writing skills
---preparation checklist
---audience (targeting)
- reference materials (dictionaries, etc.)
- some types of correspondence
---"bad news" letters
---factual writing (the "facts")
---minutes (of meetings)
---netiquette (e-mail style)
---sales letters
---sales proposals
---technical writing
- also see:
---communications (face-to-face)
---interpersonal skills
---organizational communications

Computers, Internet and Web

- planning and buying
- software (including free software)
- learning
- basic maintenance and support
- computer and network security
- getting connected (including free ISPs)
- Internet
- Intranets
- World Wide Web (basics, building, promoting)
- security (break-ins, hoaxes, spam, viruses, etc.)
- policies (usage)
- also see:
---building and managing virtual teams
---e-commerce (business on Internet
------searching the Web


- understanding consultants and consulting
- doing consulting
- hiring consultants
- RFPs, proposals and contracts
- starting consulting business

Controlling / Coordinating Activities

- Organizing (many kinds)
- also see:

Crisis Management

- overview
- critical incident analysis
- also see:
---insurance (business)
---risk management

Customer Relationship Management

suggested pre-reading
you are doing CRM now
what is a CRM system?
what are benefits of CRM?
types of CRM functions
types of CRM systems
Planning Your CRM System
1. clarify goals and measures
2. align CRM goals with organizational goals
3. clarify how customers will be treated
4. decide what organizational design changes needed
5. select best CRM software
Developing Your CRM System
redesign your organization
start cultivating a CRM culture
delegate CRM goals, teams and employees
train employees about CRM
Managing Your CRM System
manage your CRM teams and employees
manage your CRM software
evaluate your CRM system

Customer Service

Understanding Customers and Services
- what is a customer?
- types of customers
- types of customer needs
- what customers really value
- what is customer service?
- create customer service plan
- begin changing culture
- train about customer service
Satisfying Customers
- identify customers' needs
- meet customers' needs
- get customer feedback
- measure customer satisfaction
Retaining Customers
- retain customers
- manage customer complaints
- manage customer relationships
- evaluate customer service management
also see
- customer relationship management


- basics and getting started
- getting computers, Internet, Web, etc.
- electronic data interchange (EDI)
- building and managing virtual teams
- product development
- online stores
- online marketing, ads, sales, etc.

Employee Performance Management

- a story
- overview
- determining performance goals
- performance plans
- observation and feedback
- performance reviews (including 360-degree)
- rewarding performance
- performance problems
- performance improvement plans
- firing employees
- also see:
---benefits and compensation
---career development
---employee engagement
---employee wellness programs
---human resource management
---training basics

Employee Wellness Programs

- drugs and alcohol in the workplace
---basic overviews
---diversity and inclusion
---major topics
------ethnicity and race
------sexual orientation
- employee assistance programs
- ergonomics (safe facilities in the workplace)
- HIV/AIDS in the workplace
- preventing violence in the workplace
- safety in the workplace
- spirituality in the workplace
- also see:
---benefits and compensation
---career development
---employee wellness programs
---human resource management
---personal wellness
---training basics

Ethics and Social Responsibility

- managing ethics in workplace
- social responsibility
- complete handbook for managing ethics
---common myths
---benefits to managing (moral and practical)
---overview of ethics program
---managing ethics program
---key roles and responsibilities
---codes of ethics
---codes of conduct
---ethics policies
---guidelines for resolving dilemmas
---ethics training
- also see:
---legal information (U.S. law)
---policies (personnel)
---risk management


- advertising efforts
- boards of directors (self-evaluation)
- chief executive (by the Board of Directors)
- customer satisfaction (measuring)
- employee performance
- financial practices in nonprofits
- fundraising practices in nonprofits
- group performance
- human resources mgmnt practices (nonprofits)
- legal matters in nonprofits
- organizational communications
- organizational performance
- planning practices in nonprofits
- programs (goals, processes, outcomes, etc.)
- sales performance
- self-assessments
- training and development
- also see:
---logic models
---theory of change
---organizing (many kinds)
---organizing (many kinds)


Understanding Facilitation
- what is facilitation?
- what does a facilitator do?
Facilitation as a Service
- how do you recognize a high-quality facilitator?
- would you benefit from a facilitator? how much would it cost?
Core Skills for Facilitators
- core interpersonal skills for facilitators
- core group skills for facilitators
Types of Groups and Applications
- common types of groups
- popular group applications and activities
Doing Facilitation
- preparing to facilitate
- ice breakers and warm up activities
- basic tips for successful facilitation
- staying centered during facilitation
Business of Facilitation
- professionalism and ethics
- credentials
- starting a facilitation business

Facilities Management

- introductory and general
- specific facilities (signage, computers, etc.)
- setting up office
- telecommuting (working from home)
- inventory management
- logistics and transportation
- also see:
---operations management
---product development
---quality management
---safety in the workplace

Financial Management (For-Profit)

- basics
---role of treasurer
---getting an accountant or bookkeeper
---buy accounting software
---getting a banker
---basic overview of financial management
- bookkeeping basics
- financial planning
- financial controls
- managing a budget
- managing cash flow
- credit and collections
- budget deviation analysis
- managing fixed assets
- financial statements
---profit and loss statement (income stmnt)
---balance sheet
- financial analysis
---profit analysis
---break-even analysis
- financing major purchases
- cost cutting
- also see:
---fundraising (financing by for-profits)
---starting a for-profit business
---taxation (for-profit)

Financial Management (Nonprofit)

- basics
- bookkeeping
- financial controls
- financial planning
- designing a budget
- managing cash flow
- credit and collections
- budget deviation analysis
- managing program finances
fixed assets
- inventory
- financial statements
---cash flow statements
---statement of activities
---statement of financial position
- financial analysis (ratios, break-even, etc.)
- financial reporting
---annual reports
- assessments and audits
- coping with cutbacks
- also see:
---fundraising & grantwriting (nonprofits)
---starting a nonprofit
---taxation (nonprofit)

Fundraising (Financing by For-Profits)

- general advice
- your money
- seller financing
- angels
- banks and finance companies
- state agencies
- SBA-backed loans
- venture capitalists
- also see:
---finances and accounting (for-profit)
---starting a for-profit business
---taxation (for-profit)

Fundraising (by Nonprofits)

- fundraising basics
- fundraising and the law
- fundraising leadership: board, development directors
- development staff: hiring, evaluating and firing
- direct appeals
- grants: foundation and corporate
- special events
- annual funds
- major gifts and planned giving
- capital campaign and endowment fundraising
- fundraising online
- fundraising software
- fundraising planning (tying it all together)
- hiring fundraisers and paid solicitors
- evaluating your fundraising knowledge and practices
- related, but sometimes not necessarily related
- also see:
---finances and accounting (nonprofit)
---starting a nonprofit
---taxation (nonprofit)
---program development and evaluation

General Resources

- org's that help
- free trainings
- supersites
- online groups
- join peer group
- blogs
- periodicals
- reference materials
- job banks

Group Performance Management

- team performance management
- team building
- leading teams
- team performance planning
- team performance reviews
- team improvement planning

Group Skills

- see Facilitation (above)

Growing Organizations

- understanding life cycles of organizations
- deciding whether to grow
- evaluating organizations (doing well now?)
- are you personally ready?
- typical challenges in growing
- general advice to grow organization
- getting professional help
- financing growth
- planned growth -- business planning
- planned growth -- organizational change
- ways to grow -- product and market dev.
- ways to grow -- organizational alliances
- ways to grow -- buying a franchise
- ways to grow-- buying a business
- you may need to add staff
- also see:
---starting an organization

Guiding Skills

- coaching
- counseling
- delegating
- mentoring
- morale boosting
- motivating
- power and influence
- also see:
---group skills
---leadership (an introduction)
---basic overview of supervision

Human Resource Management

- overviews of human resource management
- talent management
- getting the best performers
- training employees
- paying employees (and providing benefits)
- ensuring compliance to regulations
- ensuring safe work environments
- sustaining high-performing employees


- what is innovation?
- leading innovation
- linking to operations
- also see:
---product development
---strategic planning (esp. strategizing)

Insurance (Business)

- basics
- buying insurance
- reference materials
- also see:
---crisis management
---risk management

Interpersonal Skills

- building trust
- conflict (interpersonal)
- diversity and inclusion
- etiquette (manners)
- handling difficult people
- negotiating
- office politics
- also see:
---communications (writing)
---communications (face-to-face)
---organizational communications

Interviewing (many types)

- exit interviews
- interviewed by the media
- interviewing as research method
- interviewing for a job
- interviewing job candidates

leadership (all about)

- how to understand leadership literature
- definitions and views of leadership
---views that leading is different than managing
---views that a difference is not good
---major theories
---selecting models and styles
---conventional traits and styles
- different domains of competencies needed in each
---understanding leadership competencies
---understanding and using competency models
---core competencies
---how to lead yourself
---how to lead another
---how to lead a group
---how to lead organizations
---how to improve leadership
---miscellaneous topics
- also see:
chief executive role

Leadership Development Planning

- preparation
---first understand term "leadership"
---what does leadership development look like?
- informal activities to learn leadership
---go beyond reading books
---ideas for activities to learn leadership
- customizing your training plan
---preparation for designing your plan
---determining your training goals
---determining learning objectives & activities
---developing materials you may need
---planning implementation your training plan
---evaluating your training plan and experiences
---follow-up after completion of plan
- also see:
---management development planning
---supervisoral development planning
---training basics

Legal Information (U.S. Law)

- advertising and marketing laws
- basic introduction to legal system
- constitution and declaration of independence
- contracts(business)
- employee laws
---employee contracts
------"at-will" contracts
------non-compete agreements
------CEO contracts
------miscellaneous topics
---major topics and issues
------affirmative action
------age discrimination
------disabled workers
------discrimination (general)
------drugs in the workplace
------equal employment opportunity
------HIV/AIDS in the workplace
------preventing violence in workplace
------privacy rights
------racial discrimination
------religious protection
------safety in the workplace
------sexual harassment
------sexual orientation discrimination
---major employee laws
------American with Disabilities Act (ADA)
------Child Labor Laws
------Civil Rights Act of 1964
------Comp. Omnibus Reconcil. Act (COBRA)
------Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)
------Emp. Retirement Income Security (ERISA)
------Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
------Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
------Fed'l Employee Compensation Act (FECA)
------Health Ins. Portability & Acct. Act (HIPAA)
------Occup'l Safety and Health Admin. (OSHA)
------Unemployment Compensation
------Uniformed Services Emp. Rights (USERRA)
- enterprise law
- federal laws
- intellectual property
- lawyer (getting and using)
- nonprofit-specific laws
- reference materials (online libraries, etc.)
- state laws
- telecommunications laws

Management (an Introduction)

- what is management
---basics definitions
---leading versus managing? (pros and cons)
---history of management in US
---current theories
---emerging trends
- what do managers do?
---managing yourself
---core skills
---major function -- planning
---major function -- organizing
---major function -- leading
---major function -- coordinating/controlling
---general advice (tips, etc.)
- basic guide to management and supervision
- also see:
--- chief executive role
---guiding skills
---leadership (an introduction)
---supervision (an introduction)

Management Development Planning

- preparation
---first understand term "management"
---what management development look like?
---strong value of self-directed learning
- informal activities to learn management
---go beyond reading books ...
---activities to learn management
- customizing your training plan
---preparation for designing training plan
---determining overall goals
---determining learning objectives and activities
---developing materials you may need
---planning implementation of plan
---evaluating training and experiences
---follow-up after completion of plan
- also see:
---leadership development planning
---supervisoral development planning
---training basics


- basics
- planning
- positioning
---marketing research
---competitive analysis
---sales forecasting
---position statement
- advertising and promotions
---naming and branding
---public and media relations
- telemarketing
- online marketing
- evaluating marketing efforts

Operations Management

- what is operations management (OM)?
- various definitions
- what are goods and services?
Roles in OM
- operations management specific roles
- chief operations officer
- operations manager
What is Operating System?
- what are operations systems?
- what is a system?
- what is an operations system?
- align with strategic planning
Planning Operations Systems
- phase 1: planning operations systems
- product/service planning
- capacity planning
- facilities and layout planning
- job and work design
- work flow management
Planning Operations
- phase 2: planning operations
- production and scheduling
- plan operations
- supply chain management and inventory management
- service design
- plan inventory
- quality control
Managing Productivity
- phase 3: managing productivity
- what is productivity?
- methods to measure productivity< br /> -

Organizational Alliances (Mergers, etc.)

- collaboration
- mergers, joint ventures and acquisitions
- also see:
---organizational change
---organizational communications
---organizational performance management
---organizations (an introduction)
---starting an organization

Organizational Behavior

- description
- what is organizational behavior?
- practices to influence desired behaviors
- cultivating the right organizational culture
- applying the right leadership
- understanding how to develop great leaders
- finding the right people
- understanding nature and needs of employees
- sustaining strong job satisfaction
- developing high-performing teams
- maintaining strong performance

Organizational Change and Development

- understanding change
- broad context for org'l change and dev.
- types of change
- why difficult to change
- barriers to change
- change models
- roles during change
- most change efforts fail?
- choosing interventions
---human process interventions
---technostructural interventions
---human resource interventions
---strategic interventions
- also see:
---organizational alliances (mergers, etc.)
---organizational communications
---organizational performance management
---organizations (an introduction)

Organizational Communications

- general information
- assessments
- internal communications
- external communications
- also see:
---communications (writing)
---communications (face-to-face)
---interpersonal skills

Organization Development (Field of)

- what is organization development?
- diverse perspectives on the field
- history and theories of OD
- future and emerging theories of OD
- other fields and related competencies
- also see
---Organizational Change

Organizational Evaluation

- what is organizational evaluation?
- benefits of organizational evaluation
- guidelines for successful evaluation
- design your evaluation plan
- critical role of diagnostic models
- implement your evaluation plan
- types of diagnostic models
- example of a diagnostic model
- types of issues in organizations
- types of recommendations to organizations
free assessments for businesses
- free assessments for nonprofits

Organizational Performance Mgmnt

- what is organizational performance management?
- general guidelines
- performance planning
- performance appraisal
- performance development planning
- process evaluation
- also see:
---large-scale interventions
---organizational alliances (mergers, etc.)
---organizational change
---organizational communications
---organizational structures
---quality (includes various programs)
---starting an organization

Organizational Sustainability

- truly understanding organizational sustainability
- sustainability of for-profit and government org's
---products, services and programs
---to develop organizational sustainability plans
- sustainability of nonprofit organizations
---products, services and programs
---to develop nonprofit org'l sustainability plans
- suggestions to address any current issues

Organizational Structures and Design

- what is an organization?
- what makes each unique
- how they're the same
- overview of life cycles
- overview of organizational culture
- forms and structures
- driving forces and paradigm
- emerging nature and structures
- guidelines for design
- wrap up: grasping big picture
- also see:
---organization development -- the field
--- organizational alliances (mergers, etc.)
---organizational change
---organizational communications
---organizational performance management
---organizing (many kinds)
---starting an organization
---virtual teams

Organizing (many kinds)

- organizing yourself
- tasks, jobs or roles
- organizing staff
- groups
- communities
- preparing yourself
- re-organizing current business
- also see:
---controlling / coordinating activities
---Organization Development -- the field
---organizational structures
---starting an organization

Performance Mgmnt (foundational)

- traditional and progressive approaches
- what's "performance"?
- key terms
- performance planning
- performance appraisal
- performance improvement planning
- benefits and concerns
- measurements
- during rapid change
- also see:
---employee performance management
---group performance management
---organizational performance management

Personal Development

- adult learning
- concentrating
- continuous learning
- creative thinking
- critical thinking
- learning in courses
- defining learning
- group learning
- how to study
- key terms in learning
- improving your learning
- improving your thinking
- learning styles
- memorizing
- mindfulness
- mindsets
- online learning
- reading skills
- reframing
- self-reflection
- self-assessments
- systems thinking
- taking tests
- types of learning
- using study guides
- writing skills
- also see:
---career development
---personal productivity
---personal wellness
---training basics

Personal Productivity

- critical thinking
- creative thinking
- decision making
- organizing yourself
- problem solving
- time management
- also see:
---career development
---personal development
---personal wellness
---systems thinking

Personal Wellness

- assertiveness
- attitude
- authenticity
- burnout
- cynicism
- emotional intelligence
- financial fitness
- job satisfaction
- motivating and inspiring yourself
- physical fitness
- self-confidence
- stress management
- work-life balance
- workaholism
- also see:
---career development
---employee wellness programs
---personal development
---personal productivity
---personal wellness

Planning (many kinds)

- business planning
- guidelines & framework for successful planning
- management by objectives
- program planning
- project planning
- strategic planning (vision, mission, etc.)
- also see these specific types of planning:
---advertising and promotions planning
---disaster planning
---career planning
---communications plan (external)
---communications plan (internal)
---computer systems planning
---planning yourself
---fundraising planning (nonprofit)
---fundraising (for-profits)
---leadership development planning
---management development planning
---marketing planning
---performance planning (generic)
---performance improvement plans (generic)
---program planning
---research design planning
---staffing planning
---supervisoral development planning
---training and development planning
- also see these general topics:
---controlling / coordinating activities
---organizing (many kinds)

Policies (Personnel)

- employee manuals
- personnel policies
- records management
- also see:
---employee law

Product Development

- basic introduction
- idea for new product or service
- (planning new business around idea?)
- product verification and funding
- product development
- product production
- product distribution, ads/promos, sales & service
- also see:
---controlling / coordinating activities
---intellectual property law
---operations management
---quality management

Program Management

- what's a program?
- feasibility study for new program
- guidelines for program planning and management
- program evaluation

Project Management

Foundations of Project Management
- basics of planning
- overviews of project management
- roles in project management
- skills required to leading teams and people
Project Planning
- feasibility studies -- project worth doing?
- project planning -- outcomes, goals and obj's?
- project governance -- business level control of project
- project success criteria -- how involve everyone
Allocating Project Resources
- benefits planning -- how implement most valuable
- resource allocation -- what need to implement?
Risk Assessment and Ethics Management
- risk management analysis
- ethical analysis of project
Implementing Projects
- implementation of project plan
- communicating your plans and status
---we communicate to whom and when?
Evaluating Projects
- earned value mgmt -- how measure progress?
- evaluating projects and results -- how do we
---evaluate implementation and project results?
- when projects are in trouble -- what do?
- pitfalls and what do we do if they occur?
General Resources and Topics
- glossaries of project management terms
- resources with many resources about project management
- software tools to do project management process
- organizations focused on project management
- getting PMP certification
- some related fields
- related library topics

Public and Media Relations

- managing your public image
- protecting or repairing online reputation
- managing media relations
- additional information for nonprofits
- also see:
---advertising and promotion

Quality Management

Introduction to Quality Management (QM)
what is quality management?
- you re doing QM
- QM in organizations
- quality best managed as system
- more terms in QM
- pioneers in QM
Approaches to Quality Management
- common approaches to
- balanced scorecard
- benchmarking
- business process reengineering
- continuous improvement
- failure mode and effects analysis
- ISO9000
- Kaizen
- lean management
- quality circles
- six sigma
- total quality management
additional approaches to QM
- useful tools in QM
Planning Your QMS
develop your QMS team
- establish
- QM
- goals
- decide organizational designs
- identify goals
- select approach to QM
- select
- QM
- software
Developing Your QMS
redesign organization
- begin cultivating QM
- culture
- delegate QMS goals to teams and employees
- train your employees about
- QM
Managing Your QMS
- manage QMS teams and employees
- manage QMS software
- audit your QMS system
- resources
- also see:
---controlling / coordinating activities
---operations management
---org'l performance mgmnt (& methods)
---planning (many kinds)
---product development

Research Methods (Basic Business)

- planning research design
- brief overview of methods
- selecting which methods to use
- method: appreciative inquiry
- method: case study
- method: focus groups
- method: interviewing
- method: questioning
- method: questionnaire
- method: survey
- analyzing, interpreting and reporting results
- also see:
---business data analysis
---evaluations(many kinds)
---planning yourself
---market research

Risk Management

- security systems
- disaster planning
- theft, fraud, forgery, etc.
- also see:
---crisis management
---ethics management
---insurance (business)


Foundations for Successful Sales
- what is sales?
---understanding the sales process
---understanding the sales cycle
- value of product knowledge
- useful skills to have in sales
---useful business skills for salespeople
---useful people skills for salespeople
- understanding types of clients and how to engage them
---types of clients
---multi-cultural customers and sales
Sales Process and Sales Pipeline
- 1. generating leads - using sales channels
---direct postal mail
---internet and Web
---social networking
---telemarketing (phone)
---trade shows
2. qualifying the client -- is client a prospect?
---first impressions and establishing rapport with leads
---understand the needs and wants of each lead
---getting to decision-makers
3. sales interviews and presentations with prospects
--- opening statements
---establishing rapport and trust
---really listening (verbal and nonverbal)
---effusive sales presentations
---dealing with objections
4. sales proposals and negotiations
---proposals and sales letters
5. closing the sale
---techniques for closing
---sales contracts
6. account maintenance and management
---customer service
---customer satisfaction
Miscellaneous Perspectives and Challenges and Pitfalls
- various philosophies of marketing and sales
- challenges and pitfalls
Managing Yourself for Successful Sales
- staying motivated
- keeping positive attitude
- organizing yourself
- managing your time and stress
Managing Sales Activities and Sales Force
- sales staffing and training
- sales forecasting and goals
- motivating sales force
- measuring and evaluating sales activities
- compensating sales force
General Resources
- resources providing many resources
- glossary and dictionaries about sales
- free tools and templates
- also see:
---advertising and promotion
---product development

Social Entrepreneurship

- basics and definitions
- examples
- why it matters
- related fields
- resources for doing it
- connecting with others
- also see:
---business planning
---fundraising & grantwriting (nonprofits)
---project planning
---taxation (nonprofit)
---strategic planning (vision, mission, etc.)

Social Networking

- what is social networking?
- what is social media?
- uses of social media
- how to get started
- build from scratch
- social networking policies
- social media for marketing
- categories of social media tools
- major social media tools
- what is success?
- how to measure
- how to monitor
- how to fight back


- work force planning
---succession planning
- specifying jobs and roles
---job and task analysis
---job descriptions
- recruiting
---online recruiting
- outsourcing functions and service
---consultants (getting and using)
---- - sample request for proposal
---- - sample contract
---volunteer programs (including online)
---temporary / contingent workers
- screening applicants
---interviewing candidates
---background checks
---testing job candidates
- selecting (hiring)
---job offers
- new employee orientation
- retaining employees
- outplacing and downsizing
- exit interviews
- also see:
---benefits and compensation
---career development
---employee law
---employee performance management
---employee wellness programs
---human resource management
---leadership development planning
---management development planning
---personnel polices, handbooks and records
---supervisoral development planning
---training basics

Starting a Business

Don't Forget About You!
- get yourself ready
- separate map from journey
Verify Your Business Idea
- what's your business idea?
- is it a viable business idea?
Get the Necessary Funding
- write your business plan
- get necessary funding

Design Your Business
- become legal and official
- plan your staffing
Select Location and Plan Facilities
- plan your facilities
- select the best location
Develop Your Product or Service
- develop your product or service
- develop your ongoing supply chain
Plan Your Marketing and Sales
- plan your marketing
- plan your sales
Sell Your Product or Service
- start selling to your customers
- ensure strong customer service
Manage and Grow Your Business
- manage your business
- grow your business

Starting a Nonprofit

- what mean by "starting a nonprofit"?
- feasibility study -- "really start nonprofit?"
- consider fiscal sponsorship
- need lawyer?
- nonprofit incubators
- free development program
- checklists for starting new nonprofit
- table of reminders
- free online program to build nonprofit
- also see:
---e-commerce (start business on Internet?)
---enterprise law
---organizational structures
---social entrepreneurship

Supervision (an Introduction)

- what is supervision?
---be acquainted with broad content
---know how organizations structured
---know major functions in management
---know which leadership approach to use
- typical roles in supervision
- core competencies to supervise
- staffing (human resource management)
---ensuring conformance to personnel policies
---designing job roles
---ensuring diversity and Inclusion
---deciding compensation and Benefits
---recruiting good candidates
---screening job candidates
---hiring employees
---orienting employees
---retaining employees
---rewarding employees
- employee performance management
---setting goals
---training employees
---leading employees
---motivating employees
---sharing feedback
---performance reviews
---addressing performance problems
---terminating employees
- team performance management
---team culture
---team building
---leading teams
---team performance planning
---team performance reviews
---team improvement planning
- also see:
--- chief executive role
---guiding skills
---leadership (an introduction)
---management (an introduction)

Supervisoral Development Planning

- preparation
---first understand term "supervision"
---what supervisory development look like?
---strong value of self-directed learning
- informal activities to learn supervision
---go beyond reading books
---activities to learn supervision
- customizing your training plan
---preparation for designing training plan
---determining overall goals
---determining learning objectives and activities
---developing materials you may need
---planning implementation of plan
---evaluating training and experiences
---follow-up after completion of plan
- also see:
---leadership development planning
---management development planning
---training basics

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

What is Supply Chain Management?
- you are in supply chain
- problems in SCM
- what is SCM?
- SCM best managed as system
- SCM in any organization
- problems ineffective SCM
- SCM for any organization
- benefits of high-quality SCM
Planning Your SCM
- characteristics of SCM
- develop your SCM team
- use SCOR© model?
- establish SCM system goals
- decide organizational changes
- use push or pull drivers?
- partner with others to operate SCM?
- select best SCM software
- SCM software
Developing Your SCM
- redesign organization
- delegate QMS goals
- train your employees SCM
Managing Your SCM
- three levels managing SCM
- chain management in SCM
- manage these flows
- risk management
- safety and security
- social responsibility
- evaluating your SCM

Sustainable Development

- introduction and basics
- general resources and organizations

Systems Thinking

- basics
---what's a system?
---what's systems theory?
---what's systems thinking?
---what are some systems principles?
---what are some systems tools?
- systems thinking in organizations
- organizations as open systems
- five disciplines of systems thinking
- some applications
- inquiry and advocacy
- chaos theory
- also see:
---continuous learning
---learning organization

Taxation (For-Profit)

- educating yourself
- basics
- tax planning
- importance of record keeping
- do your own taxes or get help?
- federal income taxes
- employee/payroll taxes
- state and local sales taxes
- state tax obligations
- use tax
- other taxes
- resources
- topic -- independent contractor or employee?
- also see:
---buying a business
---finances and accounting (for-profit)
---fundraising (financing by for-profits)
---starting a for-profit business

Taxation (Nonprofit)

- getting tax-exempt status
- importance of record keeping
- federal, state, sales, payroll taxes, etc.
- preparing and filing Form 990s (and disclosure)
- donations and taxes
- unrelated business income taxes (UBIT)
- lobbying and taxes
- topic -- independent contractor or employee?
- also see:
---finances and accounting (nonprofit)
---fundraising & grantwriting (nonprofits)
---starting a nonprofit

Training and Development

- understanding training and development
---reasons and benefits
---basics about adult learning
---basic requirements of learners
---basic requirements of supervisors
---suggestions to enrich training and development
- understanding learning and development
---basic terms
---informal/formal & self-/other-directed
---types of learning (loops of learning)
---strong value of self-directed learning
- formal (not necessarily systematic) T&D
---overviews of formal processes
---employee orientation programs
---employee training programs
------corporate training universities
---basic guidelines to design training plan
------ideas for learning activities
------basic guidelines learning objectives
- systematic, formal approaches
---analysis (identifying training goals)
---designing methods and materials
------distance learning (methods and resources)
------online Learning
------training room design
---developing methods and materials
---implementing training
------selecting a trainer
------if you do the training
---evaluating training
- Human Performance Technology
- also see:
---employee performance management
---human resource management
---leadership development planning
---learning organization
---management development planning
---supervisoral development planning

Volunteer Management

Planning Your Volunteer Program
considerations in establishing
- online tutorial about volunteer management programs
- role of volunteer managers
- staffing analysis
- legal and risk considerations
- policies and procedures
- volunteer job/task descriptions
Operating Your Volunteer Program
- volunteer recruitment
- screening volunteers
- selecting ("hiring") volunteers
- orienting and training volunteers
- supervising
- volunteer and staff relations
- assessing your volunteer management practices

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