Free Management Library
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Free Management Library

Since 1995

Here are 1,000s of free, well-organized guidelines and materials to help you:

  • Improve yourself, how you work with others and how you work with groups
  • Improve how you manage, lead and supervise in organizations
  • Guide and support successful long-lasting change in organizations
  • Work as an internal or external consultant to solve complex problems in organizations

So where do you want to start? How to:

Or, if you would like to start by learning more about the Library, then see How to Use the Library. Then scan down the following eight sections to notice the many categories of topics. Remember that each of the topics references numerous, free online resources, as well. You might also use some of the assessments to the right in most of the sections to identify which topics that you want to work on. Then pick which topics you need to master.

How to Improve Yourself



Building Blocks

Writing Process

Types and Styles

Types of Correspondence



Decision Making /
Problem Solving

Planning and Organizing

Managing Yourself

Personal Wellness

Career Advancement

How to Work With Others (Soft Skills)

Communicating to Others

Understanding Others

Getting Along With Others

Persuading Others

Helping Others

How to Work With Groups (Team Skills)

Types of Groups

Developing Teams

Managing Teams

Facilitating Meetings

Group Evaluating and Learning

How to Manage in Organizations

Introduction to Management


Evolution of Management Science

Conventional Complementary Skills

Customers and Products


Human Resources

Finances, Taxes and Law

Managing Organizations

Organizational Development


Risk Management

Sales and Marketing

How to Lead in Organizations

Introduction to Leadership


Broad Context of Leadership

Core Competencies

How Leaders Lead: Different Domains

Leading Yourself

Leading / Supporting Others

Leading Groups

Leading Organizations

How Leaders Lead: Different Theories

How Leaders Lead: Different Models

How Leaders Lead: Different Styles

How to Supervise in Organizations

Introduction to Supervision

Broad Context of Supervision

Typical Roles in Supervision

Core Competencies in Supervision

Interpersonal Communications

Staffing / Human Resources

Employee Performance Management

Team Performance Management

Getting Started in Supervision

How to Improve / Change Organizations

1. Organizational Performance Cycle

Performance Management

2. Organizational Purpose and Goals

Strategic Planning

3. Organizational Structures and Design

Strategy Toward Goals

4. Organizational Behavior

Strategy Toward Goals

5. Organizational Evaluation & Diagnosis

Status Toward Goals

6. Organizational Change

Adjustment Toward Goals

Organization Development Practitioners

Experts in Change

How to Solve Complex Problems (Internal/External Consulting)

1. Foundations of Internal/External Consulting


Various Approaches

2. Consulting for Performance, Change and Learning

Collaborative Consulting Cycle

3. Contracting and Engagement Phase

4. Discovery Phase

5. Action Planning Phase

6. Implementation and Change Phase

7. Evaluation and Learning Phase

8. Termination and Closure Phase