One response to “Isn’t The Customer Always Right?”

  1. Jack,
    I think you bring up some very valid points in your blog. In today’s world, customer service is slowing becoming a thing of the past. I work for a retail company who emphasizes “Saying yes to the customer”. But it can’t just stop there, employees have to feel empowered to fulfill the company’s desires. It truly has to be a culture where 100% of the time the customer is right, regardless of company policy. That type of mentality enables the customer to feel confident in making a purchase time after time. However, people are becoming less and less reliant on customer service associates. Today’s technology makes it easy to find answers to questions. Blogs, forums, F&Qs, expert communities are all commonplace for today’s generations, and companies are relying more on these (free) avenues that technology savvy consumers know how to navigate, than employing people who ‘transfer the caller from department to department’. Good read!

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