5 responses to “Training World Class Customer Service”

  1. I totally agree and would add one point: good listeners know how they listen (styles/habits) so they can flex their listening style to fit the situation. Of the hundreds of people who have taken our instrument, Hear! Hear? Your Listening Portfolio, a scary % say they never before thought how they listened, let alone if their style was appropriate in given contexts. So imagine how much more effective the listener could be if he knew not only his patterns, but also those of the customer to tailor questions to fit the customer’s interests.

  2. Jack, you and I are of a similar view. Clearing the way is often knowing what resonates with customers. My experience with many c.s. and sales people is that they go into a situation blind, or without preparation, as you say.

    We recently conducted a workshop for senior sales execs and they were flabbergasted that their listening styles were more about them than about their customers. It was great to see the light bulbs go off and to hear them say maybe they were not connecting with their customers.

    What do you do to help your folks set up the situation so it works for all parties?

  3. Thanks for elucidating with your thinking.

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