One response to “The Organic Model of Strategic Planning”

  1. Carter,

    Great post, the key for me is really

    5 – Develop specific action plans (objectives, schedules, responsibilities and resources) to achieve each of the goals.

    and steps 2 and 3 in the Organic Approach.

    We find this type of strategy to be very useful in the startup business area, quite simply because as you point out that sometimes to much structure causes things to break down. The nature of a startup is that it is rapidly changing as you respond to market changes and customer feedback in developing a new product, this means that the business is operating in a natural systems state, a general idea of what it will grow up to be but, a lot of influences along the way.

    We wrote a few good posts about how we created our strategic plan and how we implement our strategic plan on our blog:


    Ed Loessi

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