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  1. I agree with a lot of what you are saying except point 2. I deal with affiliate management programs and we have found that people aren’t always the problem but they can be. However, if you start dealing with people that are causing probelms in a negative way the problems will get worse because people will stop brining issues up to you. That is a sign of a doomed company. What you are looking for is the a person that is taking up 80 % of the time you are spending of dealing with people. If that person is a top producer it may be worth it. However, out reasearch has found that getting the right people invoved is the starting point to any successful journey.

  2. I agree to the points mentioned. One of the main reasons such initiatives for quality improvement do not sustain is lack of continuity and lack of proper feedback to the persons not able to adhere to the processes. Number of training are organised for quality improvement, but adherence need to be insisted through a transparent monitoring system visible to all. This will also bring in peer accountability to the systems and processes that are built in.

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