3 responses to “Example of a Coaching Conversation”

  1. I love this blog! It gets to the essence of a coaching conversation. Perfect as an example for possible clients.

  2. This was a very helpful post. Not only does it provide a practical tool for anyone to use, but it gives people interested in coaching an insight into what to do. It is amazing how much more powerfully we act on an idea when we thought of it ourselves (or think we did)!

  3. Tom: Jack, can I talk to you for a couple of minutes? We’ve worked together for years. I have a time management problem. I just don’t get enough done in a day. What do you think?

    Jack: What do you want to get done that you are not?

    Tom: Well…I am not completing my “to do” list of tasks, I am not reading and responding to emails. I am not finding time to spend with my team; I am not doing enough to build relationships across the business and I am not finding time for my own reflection and thinking.

    Jack: Anything else?

    Tom: Well – yes …I am not spending any time with my own career development and I am not addressing the really big issues that would make a difference?

    Jack: Of all those issue which 2 or 3 are most important to you?

    Tom: They all seem important. I get swept up with the urgent stuff that the boss wants and then the other strategic and life changing things get ignored.

    Jack: So what do you think are the underlying cause of your time management challenge?

    Tom: Making time to do what is really important no matter what and Learning how to get the urgent stuff out of the way quicker

    Jack: What stopping you do both of those?

    Tom: I am not good at delegating and a lot of the urgent stuff I just don’t take that seriously. It seems futile to me

    Jack: However it not futile for your boss…. What causing that difference?

    Tom: I just don’t see thing the way she does… she so eager to please her boss that we have to do anything on her to do list.

    Jack: So she delegates….

    Tom: LOL… yes she is great at that now you mention it.

    Jack: Perhaps you could ask her to teach you that…

    Tom: Yes I could … that a good idea I think.

    Jack: What’s the hesitation?

    Tom: I just don’t feel we are on the same page…

    Jack: Tell me more

    Tom: We see thing differently. I respect her and quite like her but we just don’t connect on what how and why things should be done.

    Jack: How do you want your relationship to be?

    Tom: I want her to see my view sometimes. I want her to care about my agenda and not just hers.

    Jack: What could you do about this?

    Tom: I guess talk to her

    Jack: Great – what about?

    Tom: About the differences we have and how I may understand her better.

    Jack: When will you do this? It is important or urgent? (Smiling)

    Tom: Both… in the next 2 days

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