4 responses to “Foundations of Consulting — Part 3: Primary Working Goals and Assumptions of Consultants”

  1. Having spent 30 + years in consulting and worked with over 100 clients on major change programs/M&A integrations/business transformations, I agree with your comments. I would also add: make sure that the benefits you deliver are greater than the cost of your services; respect your clients and their culture; care as much or more about their business than they do; and recognize that your role is to make your client successful, not yourself.

    regards, jack prouty

  2. I agree with the 3 main points made above. I would also like to stress the importance of developing a collaborative partnership approach. This helps to ensure that organizations develop because staff take responsibilty for their own development and continue to do so after the OD intervention has been completed.

  3. I also concur with the suggestions provided. As an emerging doctor pursuing my PhD in Organizational Leadership, I find OD work intriguing. Suppose you are consulting for a religious organization (a church), would many of the suggestions still apply? Is there a different approach to Christian leadership verses secular leadership? If so, how can the consultant apply all of these theories, strategies, and ,methods primarily designed for the secular business world to religious organizations?

  4. Hello,
    I am a printer that currently prints for a couple of consultants/motivational speakers. I enjoy working with consultants and would like to expand my business to include more consultants in our customer profile.
    How can I get more consultants to print with me? We take electronic files, print the product and ship it to the location without any the customer needing to come in or pick up the product. Our pricing structure beats most printers. We just did 100 books for an energy consultant at $1,000 and the price Kinkos gave was $1,853.

    Do you have some suggestions for me? We are a 7 year company trying to get more business.

    Any words of wisdom would be terrific.
    Thank you
    Bart Dolley
    PPS Print Pack Ship

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