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Gaining Broad Understanding of Supervision
What Do Supervisors Do?
Basic Guide to Management and Supervision

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Suggested Previous Reading About Supervision

Supervision is the activity carried out by supervisors to oversee the productivity and progress of employees who report directly to the supervisors. For example, chief executive officers supervise those who report directly to the chief executives, middle-managers supervise first-level supervisors, and first-level supervisors supervise entry-level employees. Supervision is a management activity and supervisors typically are considered to have a management role in the organization.

It will be tremendously helpful to the reader is he or she first has some basic understanding of the larger context within which supervision occurs. Supervision is a management role.

The following topics are very closely related to this topic in the library: Supervisory Development, Management and Leadership.

Gaining Broad Understanding of Supervision

The following links are to articles that give a very good explanation of the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor, regardless of the type of organization in which he or she works.

One Definition of Supervision
Typical Experience of a First-time Supervisor
Typical Responsibilities of a Supervisor
Typical Roles of a Supervisor
The Realities of Supervision
Tips and Tricks-Supervising Others

What Do Supervisors Do?

Once the reader understands the roles and responsibilities of supervision, then he or she can go on to reviewing each of the major functions of the roles, including any useful guidelines about how to conduct those functions.
Designing the Organization and Staff
Employee Training
Employee Performance Management
Personnel Policies
Are You the Boss You Need To Be?
What Makes a Great Boss?

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Career Advancement (including relationship with the boss)
Leading Other Individuals

Basic Guide to Management and Supervision

Here is a link to a complete, well-organized set of guidelines for the basic functions in supervision. The guidelines comprise a basic guidebook, which can be printed.

Basic Guide to Management, Leadership and Supervision (html format)

General Advice (Tips, etc.)

Various Suggestions for Knowledge and Skills Needed by Management

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