Organizational Development -- Related Library Topics

Understanding "Big Picture" of Organizations

Introduction to Management
Introduction to Organizations
Guidelines to Understand Leadership Literature Organizational Design -- Guidelines
Re-Organizing Current Business
Organizational Communications
Organizational Learning
Organizational Sustainability
Sustainable Development
Systems Thinking

Field of Organization Development

Guidelines, Methods and Resources for Organizational Change Agents
Educational Programs in Organization Development (OD)
Overview of the Field of Organization Development
Possible Approaches ("Interventions") to Guide Successful Change

Understanding Organizational Performance Management

Organizational Analysis (assessments, environmental scan and SWOT -- this section is below)
Organizational Assessments (For-Profit)
Organizational Assessments (Nonprofit)
Organizational Sustainability
Major Programs and Movements to Increase Organizational Performance

Managing Organizational Change

Introduction -- Why Is It Critical -- and Some Key Terms
Preparation -- Understanding the Broad Context for Organizational Development and Change
Organization Development (OD) -- A Rich Field for Change Agents
Overview of Change Management (Types, Roles, Processes)
Example of Systemic, Planned Change Process -- Action Research
Types of Organizational Development Activities ("Interventions")
General Resources (Libraries, Online Groups, Toolkits, Bibliographies, etc.)

Growing Your Organization

Understanding Life Cycles of Organizations
Deciding Whether to Grow the Organization or Not
Evaluating Your Organization -- How Well Is It Doing?
Growing Your Business -- Are You Personally Ready?
Typical Challenges in Growing
General Advice to Grow Your Organization
Getting Professional Help
Financing Growth
Planned Growth: Business Planning
Planned Growth: Organizational Change
Ways to Grow: Product and Market Development
Ways to Grow: Organizational Alliances
Ways to Grow: Buying a Franchise
Ways to Grow: Buying Another Organization
You May Need to Increase Staff

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