5 Best Project Management Software for Consultants – Our Picks for 2022

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    Project management software for consultants empowers you to improve the business of your clients. It is the ideal tool for you if you would like to provide expert consultation services to your customers. It enables you to monitor, evaluate, and enhance the different aspects of your client’s organization, such as sales, operations, structure, finance, HR, and marketing.

    ClickUp is our top pick out of all the consulting management software we reviewed because it has advanced project planning features and it is easy to use. Keep reading to learn more about ClickUp and other best project management software for consulting firms.

    Best 5 Project Management Software for Consultants



    User Experience


    Customer Support

    Reporting Functionality


    Free to $29+ per user / month

    Powerful features & minimalist UI

    End-to-end security

    24/7 real-time support via different channels

    Customizable views & multi-step workflows

    ClickUp Public API & native Integrations

    $24 to $39 per product for each user / month

    Modern, navigable UI

    265-bit security encryption

    24/6 support by technical support team

    Comprehensive overview of business aspects

    Integration with productivity programs

    Free to $22+ per seat / month

    Simple, feature-packed UI

    ISO 27001, HIPAA & GDPR Compliance

    24/7 support via contact form

    Dashboard data display

    Integration with 50+ apps

    $10 to $55 per user / month

    Easy to use UI & multiple view options

    Secure platform built on Azure

    Free technical support via chat

    Business intelligence & report management

    Microsoft apps integration

    Free to $16+ per user / month

    Convenient UI & portfolio management tools

    256-bit security encryption & VDP

    Customer support via email

    Centralized dashboard with consolidated data

    1,000+ integrations

    Clickup logo

    ClickUp: Best Overall Project Management Software for Consultants


    ClickUp is an all-in-one project management suite that you can use to oversee various facets of your consulting firm, making it the best consulting management software available. It equips you to conceptualize your consultation strategies for your clients. It enables you to execute your plans through concrete actions and it has a minimalist UI that you can navigate with relative ease.

    ClickUp is designed to handle teams of all sizes, ranging from a solo professional to a group with more than 1,000 members. You can organize your departments and teams into distinct Spaces, while you can group the projects of each Space into folders.

    It enhances your collaboration with your team by letting you host live chats and make comments on action items. ClickUp gives you the option to add visual widgets for your staff members, including tasks, statuses, time tracking, sprints, embeds, and docs. You may monitor the projects of your clients from beginning to end by toggling the customizable views. You can break down simple and complex projects into manageable tasks. You may create to-do checklists and multi-step workflows to simplify task completion.

    Aside from its project management tools, ClickUp also has features that handle related aspects of your consulting business. You can use it to make progress in sales, marketing, HR, finance, design, product, IT, and engineering. ClickUp allows you to adapt it to your preferred methodology, whether it be Agile or Waterfall.

    You can increase its functionality by integrating it with other business apps. Aside from ClickUp Public API, its native integrations include communications apps like Slack and Zoom, storage solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox, and productivity programs like GitHub and GitLab.

    ClickUp provides comprehensive end-to-end security through Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting, AICPA SOC 2 certification, GDPR, and HIPAA. It also offers impressive 24/7 real-time support via phone, chat, daily, webinars, and free coaching.

    Why we chose it: We have awarded ClickUp as the overall best project management software for consulting firms because it combines powerful features, modern UI, and value for money. Its advanced tools and integration capability can boost your productivity as a consultant.

    • It has rich functionality
    • Easy-to-use UI 
    • Cost-effective pricing
    • Takes time to learn its advanced features


    • Free Forever: Free
    • Unlimited: $9 per user/month ($5 if billed annually)
    • Business: $19 per user/month ($12 if billed annually)
    • Business Plus: $29 per user/month ($19 if billed annually)
    • Enterprise: Contact sales department of ClickUp
    Accelo logo

    Accelo: Best for Consultation


    Accelo is a project management software that is specially designed for consultants. It allows you to manage the various areas of your client’s business, including operations, resources, lead generation, sales, projects, and payments.

    This cloud-based platform lets you track the activities and communications of your customers within a centralized platform. It optimizes the workflow of your clients so they can complete their projects on time while sticking to their budget. It gives you the flexibility to adjust the tasks and milestones of projects in case your clients miss their deadlines.

    Accelo aids you in pinpointing work issues by tracking client feedback so you can guide your customers to resolve these problems as soon as possible. Plus, it minimizes security issues by protecting the data of your clients through a connection safeguarded by 265-bit encryption. As a result, you can help them avoid cyber threats which can compromise the security of their business.

    This software has automatic time tracking which is already built into the program. It makes it simple for you to allot your billable hours as a consultant on a daily or weekly basis. It eliminates the need for timesheets and punch clocks. And it makes it faster for you to compute and request your payment from your clients.

    On top of this, it helps you save time and money by providing you with a complete overview of business information and financial matters. Plus, it has a modern UI that is straightforward to navigate.

    You can integrate Accelo with popular productivity apps, such as Microsoft programs, GSuite, Mailchimp, Intuit Quickbooks, Jira, and Salesforce. Plus, the technical support team of Accelo offers you 24/6 support via phone, chat, email, and self-service help center.

    Why we chose it: We recommend Accelo as the best for consultation because it is specifically created for consulting firms, thanks to its focus on client communication. It enables you to accelerate the growth of the business of your customers through its project planning flexibility, whether you are providing consulting services to individual professionals or large companies.

    • Designed especially for consulting firms
    • Various features to manage clients’ projects 
    • 265-bit security encryption
    • Includes automatic time tracking tools
    • Steep learning curve


    • Plus: $24 per product for each user/month (Minimum of 5 users)
    • Premium: $39 per product for each user/month (Minimum of 5 users)
    Monday.com logo

    monday.com: Best Project Management Software for Consultants for Customization


    Monday.com is a customizable project management software for consultants which lets you monitor the projects of various clients. You can personalize the workflow templates based on the requirements of your clients. You can tweak the ready-made templates as you handle sales, CRM, marketing, design, and software development. Plus, it trains you to create workflow apps without the need for code.

    The simple yet sleek UI features building blocks that let you start or customize the projects of your customers visually. Its drag-and-drop function allows you to move your data from table to table. The color-coding options and tweakable tabs make it possible for you to arrange your tasks into categories. It minimizes your manual work through the automation of certain tasks, and it’s convenient for your team to work together in a shared workspace.

    This cloud-based work OS has dashboards that let you keep track of the different projects of your multiple clients. The dashboards provide data that could lead to actionable insights that can assist you in forming new business strategies. As you’ll see in most monday.com reviews, users find reports generated by the dashboards easy to understand.

    It can be integrated with over 50 apps to increase its functionality. It can be linked to simple programs like Google or Outlook calendar and Gmail or Outlook email to perform basic tasks. You can collaborate with your team via communication tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. It even syncs with iOS and Android mobile apps so you can continue working when you are on the go.

    monday.com keeps your client data protected through its international security certification like ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance. Aside from this, it offers 24/7 support via a contact form. You can track your customer support ticket through the official website.

    Why we chose it: We named monday.com as the best for customization among consulting management software products because of its workflow templates and dashboards which you can tailor to the needs of your clients’ projects. You can also personalize the program by integrating it with apps that are essential to you and your consulting team. Read the monday.com vs ClickUp review if both tools interests you.

    • Wide range of customization features
    • Lots of automation options
    • Long list of integrations
    • Complex functionality
    • Advanced features only available on higher paid plans


    • Individual: Free (2 seats maximum)
    • Basic: $6 per seat / month
    • Standard: $10 per seat / month
    • Pro: $22 per seat/month
    • Enterprise: Contact monday.com for pricing
    Microsoft Project logo

    Microsoft Project: Best Easy-To-Use Project Management Software for Consultants


    Microsoft Project is a project management software that is ideal for beginners. It is easy to use even if it is your first time trying this tool for your consulting firm because of its project mapping feature.

    According to a Microsoft Project review, the flow charts clearly show the steps and procedures from the beginning to the end of each project. The auto-scheduling function maps out a calendar by indicating the timeframes for your tasks. That’s why it is simple enough to be used for small projects but utilitarian enough to be used for large projects.

    You can view your portfolio in different styles, such as grid, board, Gantt, and Kanban. Depending on your preference, you can look at a project as a simple to-do list or a set of visual boxes with a drag-and-drop function. You can develop master plans that consolidate project data into a single workspace for a bird’s eye overview.

    It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. It particularly works well with Microsoft Teams to encourage collaborative efforts through online meetings, file sharing, and chat capabilities. It allows all the members of your consulting team to update tasks at the same time. Its business intelligence and report management feature keeps everyone on the same page.

    Microsoft Project is considered a secure platform because it is built on Azure, a well-known, reliable enterprise cloud. It includes free technical support via chat, with options for support upgrade and one-time phone support purchase.

    Why we chose it: We recognize Microsoft Project as the best for simplicity among consultant project management software because its project mapping feature makes it user-friendly. Aside from this, it has portfolio views and seamless integrations that beginners will find convenient.

    • Easy to use
    • Includes convenient project mapping feature
    • Integrates with Microsoft Office programs
    • It might be too basic for some power users
    • Free technical support only includes chat, not phone support


    Cloud-based Solutions:

    • Project Plan 1: $10 per user/month
    • Project Plan 3: $30 per user/month
    • Project Plan 5: $55 per user/month
    Hive logo

    Hive: Best Cheap Project Management Software for Consultants


    Hive is an inexpensive project management platform that is created for users by users. It offers a free version for solo users, while the plans for teams start at only $16 for users. At the same time, it doesn’t skimp on features despite of its affordable pricing.

    For instance, it updates you on pending tasks and deadlines through its action list so your consulting firm team can work quickly. You can oversee the various projects of your clients in a centralized location through its portfolio management tools.

    The convenient UI includes simple workflows that can be utilized even for complicated approvals. It lets you keep track of the various stages of your projects for smoother operations. Hive lets you choose different ways to view your workflows, such as table, Gantt, status, team, label, and calendar. You can switch from one view to another as you develop your project.

    It makes you more efficient by automating repetitive tasks via the project and action templates. Aside from streamlining your work, it assures the quality of your outcomes by ensuring the accuracy of the documents and videos you produce through the annotation and proofing tools.

    You and your team can collaborate with each other through its native chat features. When you meet online, you can list down your next steps as a team via Hive Notes for Meetings. Together, you can transform your meeting agenda into actionable plans which can lead to tangible outcomes. As you put your plans into action, you can monitor the progress of your team through task tracking and timesheets.

    It has more than 1,000 integrations, including CRM platforms like Salesforce and Jira, and cloud storage services like Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive. You can consolidate data from various apps into a single dashboard.

    Hive shields the privacy of your customers through its 256-bit Secured Socket Layer security and Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP). It offers customer support via email on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Why we chose it: Hive is one of the most affordable project management apps for consultants available. It offers a free plan for individuals and small beginner teams. Its team plan for multiple projects is economical compared to similar plans from other providers.

    • Affordable pricing
    • Includes portfolio management tools
    • Provides multiple view options
    • Mobile version is limited compared to desktop program
    • Slight learning curve


    • Hive Solo: Free
    • Hive Teams: $16 per user / month ($12 if billed annually)
    • Hive Enterprise: Custom (Contact Hive)

    What Should You Look For in Project Management Software for Consultants?

    There are important factors you should consider when you are choosing consulting management software for your business. We picked the best project management software for consulting firms based on how they excel in flexibility, customizability, scalability, customer support, collaboration, configurable reports, data security, and cost-effectiveness.

    1. Flexibility: Select a versatile platform that you can use for the multiple aspects of consultation project management, plus other business areas like marketing, sales, and HR. It should be flexible enough to suit your preferred methodology, whether it be the Waterfall or Agile methodology.
    2. Customizability: Find a program with built-in features and third-party integrations that you can tailor based on your main motivations as a consultant and the requirements of your clients’ projects.
    3. Scalability: Pick a software that can be adapted to the current size of your consulting firm. On top of this, it must be able to meet the evolving needs of your business as it grows and expands over time.
    4. Customer Support: Look for a provider that offers customer support you can access any time via multiple methods, such as phone, chat, and contact form.
    5. Collaboration: Choose a platform you can use to coordinate with your clients and collaborate with the employees of your consulting firm.
    6. Configurable Reports: Select a program that generates configurable reports so your consulting team can share your progress with your customers.
    7. Data Security: Pick a software that protects the information of your consulting firm and your customers through top-notch security features. Your consulting firm needs to maintain the reliability of its services, especially if you are involved in financial and banking consultations.
    8. Cost-effectiveness: Find a platform that provides you with good value for money through a balance of cost-effective pricing, ease of use, and highly functional features.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Project Management Software for Consultants

    Discover the answers to common questions about consulting management software.

    Bottom Line on Project Management Software for Consultants

    The best project management software for consulting firms can transform you into an excellent consultant. It can boost your organization and efficiency as you complete customer projects in cooperation with your consulting team.

    Out of all the solutions we reviewed, ClickUp is the top project management software for consultants since it offers a balance of functionality, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. It makes it easier for you to collaborate with your team to fulfill the requirements of the clients of your consulting firm.