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Online Resources to Develop Reading Skills

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Sections in This Topic Include

What is Reading?
Types of Reading
Skills Needed in Reading
Test - What is Your Reading Level?
How to Improve Your Reading Skills
How to Improve Your Comprehension
How to Improve Your Vocabulary
Free Trainings
General Resources

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 20 percent of adults cannot read a newspaper. Those adults struggle to find employments, usually have lower incomes and lower quality jobs and more stress in their lives. Fortunately, there are a variety of innovative programs to try address this national crisis.

What is Reading?

The concept of reading might seem simple to people who have been reading for years, but it still useful to read a definition to get more clarity on what it is that you might have been doing for years. These links also breaks down the specific steps that people go through in order to actually accomplish effective reading, and mention the five key components for effective reading.

What is Reading? (for children but useful to adults)
Five Components of Reading
What is Reading?
What is Reading?

Types of Reading

There are numerous types of reading, for example, intensive, scanning and skimming. There are also different perspectives on the types of reading. However, all types require the basic ability to discern the meaning of words.

Types of Reading
Explanation of Different Types of Reading
Five Types of Reading
3 Most Essential Reading Skills Your Students Need
Types of Reading
Unit 3: Reading Efficiently: The Sub-Skills of Reading

Skills Needed in Reading

Remember that skills are developed from practicing what you know. You might consider starting a networking group to share support and accountabilities to develop skills in reading. Be sure to see the topics farther on below about comprehension and vocabulary.

Reading Skills Pyramid
What Are the Skills Needed for Reading?
What Are Reading Skills? –They’re Not (Only) What You Think

Test - What is Your Reading Level?

What Reading Level Are You?

Based on the results of that test, you might consider the many suggestions in the following section.

How to Improve Your Reading Skills

It is not enough just to get new information about reading. Keep in mind that skills are developed by practice. The information in some of the following articles overlaps. You might interpret that information to be the "core" practices needed in improving your reading skills.

7 Pleasurable Ways to Improve Your Reading Ability
What Are the Skills in Reading?
6 Techniques for Building Reading Skills in Any Subject
Improving Your Reading Skills
Improving Your Reading Ability
Is Reading English Hard? How to Improve English Reading with 8 Easy Steps
5-step guide: How to improve your English by reading simple books
Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes
How I Learned to Read 300 Percent Faster in 20 Minutes
Speed Reading Hacks: How to Triple Your Reading Speed While Improving Your Comprehension

How to Improve Your Comprehension

Comprehension is being able to understand what you are reading or hearing from someone. That requires you to listen to what is being conveyed and to interpret what the writing or speaker is intending to convey.

Comprehension: The Goal of Reading
6 Essential Skills for Reading Comprehension
Improving Reading Comprehension
Meaning of Comprehension
How to Improve Reading Comprehension: 8 Expert Tips
How to Improve Your Reading Comprehension
10 Reading Comprehension Strategies All Students Need
Improving Your Reading Comprehension Skills in College
Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension Skills
10 Effective Ways of Improving Reading Comprehension in Your Learners

Also consider
Interpersonal Skills

How to Improve Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the collection of words conveyed by a person or in writing in order to communicate with the reader or listener. The more words that you understand in your personal vocabulary, the more effectively you will comprehend what the speak or writer is intending to convey. The term "vocabulary" is sometimes used interchangeably with the term "lexicon".

Test Your Vocabulary
Easy Ways to Improve and Expand Your Vocabulary:
Seven Tips for Learning New Words
25 Ways to Improve Your Writing Vocabulary
10 Sure-Fire Strategies to Improve Your Vocabulary
Word Up: How to Improve and Enlarge Your Vocabulary
This Is How To Sound Smarter By Improving Your Vocabulary
16 Websites to Super Charge Your English Vocabulary
Games to Build English Vocabulary Skills

Also consider
Language Translation

Free Trainings About Reading Skills

Be sure to see the link in the sidebar about forming your own study group in which you can share support and accountabilities to undertake some of the following free trainings.

SkillsShare courses about reading skills
University of Reading
Alison's free trainings
GCF Global
5 Resources for Free Reading and Adult Literacy Education Online
Learn to Read, Write and Spell - Free
Free Online English Courses for Adults
We All Can Read

General Resources About Reading Skills

The following resources provide a broad overview of the concept of reading.

What is Reading?
Reading (Wikipedia)
Reading Matters: What is Reading?
On Reading, Learning to Read, and Effective Reading Instruction: An Overview of What We Know and How We Know It

Also consider
Personal Development
Personal Productivity
Personal Wellness
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