Sources of Help to Members of COVID-19 Support Groups

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    Sources of Help to Members of COVID-19 Support Groups

    These resources are for support groups in which members are supporting each
    other to deal with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. A toolkit for starting
    and facilitating the groups is at
    a Virtual Support Group to Help With Stresses of COVID-19

    Consider These Resources for Yourself and

    Resources to Help Your Group Members

    There are many free, online articles about topics that are helpful to members
    of a support group. See the “Supporting Skills” listed on the right
    side of each page.

    Resources to Help Yourself

    (Managing Your)
    and Stress Management

    Resources to Help Others Anywhere

    Ways to Help Others During the Coronavirus Outbreak
    Ways to Help Others During the Coronavirus Pandemic
    Ways to Help Others During the Coronavirus Outbreak

    Heartwarming Ways Everyday Heroes Are Helping People Affected by Coronavirus

    Pose Questions in the Our Facebook Group

    This group is for everyone interested or involved in peer support groups, especially
    around COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on our lives. We will discuss all aspects
    of organizing and running a peer support group. Discussions will have an emphasis
    on groups using free tools offered at,
    but do not have to be exclusively about that format of peer support group. (Note:
    this group is not about specific medical advice and treatment for individuals
    who may have the virus.)
    Pandemic Peer Support

    Attend Office Hours With Experts

    Office hours are each week on Wednesdays from noon to 1 p.m. Central Time USA.
    They will begin on April 15, 2020. To participate, you must:

    1. Have answered at least 80% of the questions correctly in the quiz Test
      Your Knowledge About PCGs
      , because the office hours should primarily be
      about questions that are not answered in these pages.
    2. Pre-register by sending email to
      Send your email from the same email address that you used when you entered
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    Office hours will include the first 10 people who registered. We will promptly
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    Email Us

    We hope that you will consider the other sources of help, especially the Frequently
    Asked Questions
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    Regarding Other Uses of Peer Coaching Groups

    People who are interested in using the groups for other than support as described
    in this topic, should purchase training, consulting and materials from Action
    Learning Source
    , especially the virtual workshop
    and Developing Peer, Group, Team and Organizational Coaching Programs
    . Other
    uses of peer coaching groups might include, for example:

    • Developing a group-based program for your professional development or employee
      development in an organization.
    • Modifying the process for developing, for example, a coaching culture, coaching
      skills, leadership development, management development, supervisory development,
      networking, problem solving / goal achievement, support groups, team building
      and transfer of training. Each of these different uses involved a different
      design of a group-based program.

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