Online Reference Materials (Dictionaries, etc.)

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Types of Reference Materials On This Page Include the Following

Acronym and Jargon Finders
E-Mail Address Books
Language Translators
Phone Books
Reference "Desks" (sites with multiple types of reference information)
Internet Searches

Acronym and Jargon Finders

Acronym Finder
another Acronym Finder
Computer and Internet Acronyms


Online Dictionaries
A Web of Specialized Online Dictionaries
American Heritage Dictionary
Oxford English Dictionary
Accounting, Business Studies and Economics Dictionary for Students

E-mail Address Books

Large Email Directories
Finding Email Addresses on the Web


Encyclopedia Britannica Online
The Canadian Encyclopedia
An I.T. encyclopedia


Glossary of Business Terms A-Z
Business Thesaurus Glossary

Language Translation

Google Translate
Free Online Language Translator
Free Web and Text Translation Service
Free Translation Online


lib-web-cats (includes access to 4,000 libraries)
Library Spot -- government libraries

On-Line Sources to Get Up-to-Date National and International News

Media "Watchdogs"

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
News from around the World
Media Research Center
Media Matters for American

Business News

New York Times Business News
Wall Street Journal
CNN Money
Forbes Financial
Bloomberg News
Business Wire
Business Week

World News

BBC World News
CNN World News
New York Times World News
MSNBC World News

USA, including international focus

Reuters (with focus on financial and business news)
Google News
ABC News
USA Today
CBS News

Phone Books

Telephone Directories on the Web, Phone Books, White Pages, Yellow Pages
International Telephone Directory
Switchboard for US and Canada

Quotations (general)

Creative Quotations
Quotations Page
Creativity Quotes

Reference "Desks" (sites with multiple types of reference information)

Reference Desk
CWL Publishing Enterprises
Online Reference Desk
used to be the Ask Dr. Jeeves and now has a new face


Merriam Webster thesaurus
Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
Thesaurus (an service)

Internet Searches

Search Engine Watch
International Directory of Search Engines
Base Bones 101 -- Basic Tutorial on Searching the Web
25 Free People Search Engines to Find Anyone

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