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Free Training Programs

(for-profit and nonprofit)

The number of free training programs and courses has increased dramatically, especially with the advent of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC's).

The following links are to free, online training programs that provide free materials and associate means for you to learn from the materials and then to somehow verify your learning.

Sections in This Topic Include the Following

For-Profit and Nonprofit Programs
Nonprofit-Specific Programs
Free Lesson Plans

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For-Profit and Nonprofit Programs

Free Micro-eMBA (SM)
Free Certificate Courses - Coursera
Free Online Courses With Certificates (Oxford University)
Open University
Southern New Hampshire University

Class Central
My Own Business
FMU Online
Small Business Canada
Khan Academy
Study Guides and Strategies
The Working Manager
Management Training Courses Online
TrainingTime Learning Library - Management & Leadership Articles
Free Online Diploma and Certificate-Level Training Courses
Free 10 Lesson Online Training Course from Master
25 Killer Sites For Free Online Education
Class Management
43 Classes You Can Take Right Now to Advance Your Career
32 Free Online Courses With Certificates of Completion
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Nonprofit-Specific Programs

Although the above-listed sites are labeled as "for-profit," many of the guidelines apply to nonprofits as well -- there is more in common between nonprofits and for-profits than is uncommon.

Free Nonprofit Micro-eMBA (SM)
Where to Find Free Training and Support for Nonprofit Professionals
6 Free Online Courses for Nonprofit Marketers
Free Online Courses in Nonprofit Organizations
Guide to the Best Free Nonprofit Webinars
24 Must-Watch Free Nonprofit Webinars

Free Online Lesson Plans, Lecture Notes, etc.

A recent trend is for educators to freely share their educational and training materials. In addition to using the materials to design and implement your own learnings about particular topics, you also can learn about systematically designing trainings in general, including about the training's outcomes, goals, learning objectives, training methods, result and methods of evaluation.

Study Guides and Strategies
Education World
Free Education on the Internet
Study Guides and Strategies
Global Schoolhouse
schooX - Social Network for Online Learning
Teachers Pay

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