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Before you look at any of the lists of blogs later on below, it might be useful for you to understand what is involved in writing a blog or even consider doing your own blog. See
Business Blog FAQ
Bloggers -- A Portrait of the Internet's New Storytellers
Starting to Write Your Business Blog

NOTE: We don't include links to individual, specific blogs below. There are just too many -- and too many don't survive past their first year. Instead, we only include links to indices of blogs, that is, links to organizations that maintain lists of individual blogs. If you want to publicize your blog, we recommend that you submit them to one or more of the indices below.

Indices of Blogs -- Sites That List and Categorize Numerous Blogs

The number of blogs has exploded over the past several years. Many blogs do not last past the first year. Consequently, it's quite difficult to identify and monitor individual blogs for this Library.

Instead, the following list is to numerous services that monitor and organize blogs into relevant categories. Some of the services also list how long certain blogs have existed and how many visitors that blog receives each day.

Search the various categories to find several blogs in which you are interested. You might select individual blogs based on how long they have lasted and how many visitors regularly visit that blog.

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