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Facilities Management

Sections of This Topic Include

Plan Your Facilities
Select the Best Location
Specific Facilities (signage, computers, etc.)
Setting Up an Office
Telecommuting (working from home)
Inventory Management (this section is in "Operations Management)
Logistics and Transportation Management (this section is in "Operations Management")

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Plan Your Facilities

Small-business planning often overlooks the critical importance of clarifying what facilities are needed to support the development and provision of a product or service, and then to plan how to get those facilities. That is true especially if you are providing a product rather than a service because a product often requires space to store the necessary materials and supplies to produce the product, as well as to develop it.

Important decisions about facilities include, for example: How much space do I need for storage? Production? Personnel? How should the facility represent my brand, my colors and tone? What about parking? What about expected future growth? Should I rent or buy?

After answering the above questions and considering the guidelines in the following articles, write down your requirements for facilities. You, or any others who are helping you, can continually reference your requirements to ensure that your facilities meet your requirements.
Strategic Facility Planning — Now More Important Than Ever
What to Consider When Making Business Facility Decisions
Implementing Facilities Management Successfully in 7 Steps
Facility Planning: Steps, Process, Objectives, Importance
50 Expert Facilities Management Tips and Best Practices

Useful Resources in Facilities Planning Include
Planning | Project Planning | Technical Writing

Select the Best Location

Having having thought about your needs and preferences for facilities, you are ready to think about where to locate your business. Decisions include, for example: Do I want proximity to my customers? Proximity to my suppliers? Distance from my competitors? What municipalities might grant you some tax breaks if you locate near them? What about parking?

Before you select a location, your answers to these questions should be written in a specification that you can reference when searching for a location or that you can bring to a real-estate agent. That way, you will be making the best choice based on your actual needs, rather than on your personal preferences.
How to Find the Best Location
A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Location for Your Business
Choosing the Right Location for Your New Business
How to Choose the Best Location for Your Small Business
How to Choose a Business Location

Useful Resources in Selecting a Location Include
Planning | Technical Specifications | Contracting

Specific Facilities


Strategic Facility Planning: A White Paper

HVAC Systems

HVAC (Definition)
Types of HVAC Systems


See Setting Up an Office below.


Computer and Network Security
The Use of Computers in Facilities/Installations Planning
Computer Aided Facilities Management

Setting Up An Office

Designing An Effective Home Office
Designing Your Home Office
Introduction to Property Management

(This section is about setting up office facilities. Information about organizing yourself, your files, paperwork, etc., is included in the topic Organizing Yourself.)
Office Design, Leasing and Organizing
Organizing Yourself (organizing your office and activities, once the office is set up)
Time Management

Telecommuting (virtual workplace)


Basics of Telecommuting for Companies
The Rise of the Truly Virtual Workplace
Why and how to transition to a virtual workplace

General Resources About Telecommuting

Telecommuting Defined
26 Great Telecommuting Resources
Telecommuting Resource Center
List of sites and articles about telecommuting

General Resources About Facilities Management a by the State Directory of Architecture, Engineering and Construction
International Facilities Management Association
Facilities Management News

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