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Evaluation Activities in Organizations

Evaluation is carefully collecting information about something in order to make necessary decisions about it. There are a large number and wide variety of evaluations. Evaluation is closely related to performance management (whether about organizations, groups, processes or individuals), which includes identifying measures to assess progress toward achieving results.

General Guidelines About Doing All Forms of Evaluation
Overviews of Major Types of Evaluations

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General Guidelines About Doing All Forms of Evaluation

How to Design Successful Evaluation and Assessment Plans
Internal Eval Week: Pamela Bishop on Working as a New Internal Evaluator
Internal Evaluation Week: Debbie Cohen on Working with External Evaluators
Internal Eval Week: Anthony Kim on Balancing Dual Roles as an Internal Evaluator
Stanley Capela and Ariana Brooks on Planting a Seed to Overcome Resistance to Evaluation
Improving evaluation questions and answers: Getting actionable answers for real-world decision makers (takes long time to download)
Jack Mills on Setting Up Evaluation Contracts
Amy Germuth on Reporting Findings
Our Ineffectiveness at Measuring Effectiveness
How to Perform Evaluation Reports
Donald L Kirkpatrick's training evaluation model - the four levels of learning evaluation

Overviews of Major Types of Evaluations

Advertising Efforts
Boards of Directors (For-Profit)
Board of Directors (Nonprofit)
Business Plans
Chief Executive Evaluation
Community Assessments
Customer Satisfaction
Employee Performance
Financial Management Practices (For-Profit)
Financial Management Practices (Nonprofit)
Fundraising Practices in Nonprofits
Human Resource Management Practices in Nonprofits
Legal Activities in Nonprofits
Marketing Management
Management Functions (For-Profit)
Management Functions (Nonprofit)
Organizational Communications
Organizations (For-Profit)
Organizations (Nonprofit)
Organizational Performance
Program Evaluation
Sales Performance
Strategic Planning Practices
Team Performance
Training and Development

General Resources

American Evaluation Association Public Library
American Evaluation Association Discussion List
Innovation Network

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