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How to Ensure Strong Employee Performance Management

Sections of This Topic Include

Strongly Suggested Pre-Reading
Guidelines for Implementing and Evaluating the Process
Phases in Employee Performance Management Process

Additional Perspectives on Employee Performance Management
Other Performance Management Applications

(Although the term "performance" is conventionally used in literature about management, some people might have an averse reaction to that term. For them, they might use the term "effectiveness" instead.)

Strongly Suggested Pre-Reading

The traditional approach to performance management, whether applied to an organization, team or employee, is increasingly criticized as being obsolete, invalid and unsuitable to today's organizations and workforce. Consequently, the performance management process is being transformed by many progressive organizations. This should be understood by anyone wanting to understand and apply the process.
Performance Management: Traditional and Progressive Approaches

Guidelines for Implementing and Evaluating the Process

There are some standard guidelines that can ensure the success of any implementation of any performance management process. Be sure to read and follow those guidelines, especially if this is your first implementation of a comprehensive process. The guidelines also can be useful if you are trying to improve a process that you have already implemented.
Performance Management for any Application: Guidelines for Implementation and Evaluation

Phases in Employee Performance Management Process

Establishing Performance Goals
Developing Performance Plans
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Evaluating Performance (Performance Appraisals)
Rewarding Performance
Addressing Performance Problems
Performance Improvement/Development Plans
Firing Employees

Additional Perspectives on Employee Performance Management

Performance Plan (repeated from "Basic Overview")
Overview of Employee Performance Management
How to Maximize Your Performance Appraisal Score

List of useful links about employee performance management
Managing Day-to-Day Employee Performance
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Performance Management is Not about the Forms

Other Performance Management Applications

Organizational Performance Management
Performance Management for any Application
Team Performance Management

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