To Request Help In Using the Library

The email form below is to request help using the Free Management Library system. We are NOT staffed to provide consultation regarding the content of various articles and about issues and goals in your organization.

The Library is managed by a group of part-time volunteer administrators. Thus, response time to your requests for help might take up to a few days.

Therefore, if you need help in making the most of your use of the Library, we suggest the following, depending on the nature of your need:

  1. If your question is about using the Library, read How to Use the Library.
  2. If your question is about finding a certain topic in the Library, see To Find a Certain Topic.
  3. If your question is about finding additional information about a certain topic, review the "Related Library Topics" and "Recommended Books" referenced near the bottom of that topic's page.
  4. If your question is about reprinting materials from the Library, read Copyright and Reprint Terms.
  5. If your question is about how to apply certain topics in your life and work, consider the many sources of assistance in the section "General Resources" referenced from the right-side sidebar.

If none of the above were helpful to you, then please answer the following questions. What did not work for you when trying to use the Library, e.g., you could not find a certain item, Library pages do not appear usable to you, etc? Please enter your explanation below. REQUIRED
!NOTE! This form is NOT intended for getting help with your personal management or organizational question. The form IS ONLY intended for getting help with using the Free Management Library general system and software.


What were you expecting, but not getting, from the Library, resulting in your needing help? REQUIRED


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