All About Computers, Internet and Web

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Sections of this topic

    All About Computers, Internet and Web

    Assembled by Carter McNamara,
    MBA, PhD

    The following topics are listed in the order in which a person
    might learn about and buy a new computer system, then connect
    it to the Internet and Web, and then develop and market a website.

    Sections of This Topic Include

    Planning and
    Buying a Small Computer System

    for Small Computer Systems

    About Small Computer Systems

    Basic, Technical
    Support and Maintenance of Small Computer Systems

    and Network Security

    All About
    the Internet

    (Computer Networks Internal to the Organization)

    Getting Connected
    to the Internet

    Building, Managing
    and Promoting Your Website (including for disabilities & various browsers)

    and Network Security (including worms, viruses, hoaxes and spam)

    E-Commerce — Doing
    Business on the Web

    Polices about
    Using Computers and Networks

    Cloud Computing

    Additional Information Focused on Nonprofits

    Why Nonprofits Should Invest More in Their Websites

    Seven Common Mistakes that Nonprofits Make

    What Nonprofits Should Pay for Their Websites

    The Nonprofit Technology Gap – Really? New
    Report Sheds Light on the Issue

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