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How to Improve Your Writing: Guidelines and Resources

Sections of This Topic Include

Building Blocks of Composition


Writing Process

Planning and Organizing
Writing for Readability
Formatting Your Writing
Getting Starting With Writing
Reviewing Your Writing

Types and Styles of Writing

Major Types of Writing
Various Styles of Writing

Numerous Types of Correspondence

Types of Correspondence

Style Guides, Including Citations

American Psychological Association (APA) used in social sciences
APA Tutorial
American Medical Association
Citation Style - Plagiarism.Org
Citing Sources
Modern Language Association (MLA)

Common Grammar and English Mistakes

Common Errors in English Usage
50 Common Grammar Mistakes in English
43 Embarrassing Grammar Mistakes Even Smart People Make
30 of the Most Common Grammatical Errors We All Need to Stop Making
15 Common Grammar Mistakes That Kill Your Writing Credibility

Assess Your Writing Skills

Writing Skills

Reference Materials

Acronym and Jargon Finders
E-Mail Address Books
Internet Searches
Language Translators
Manual of Styles (APA, Chicago, etc.)
Phone Books
Reference "Desks" (sites with multiple types of reference information)

Also consider
Communications (Interpersonal)
Communications (Organizational)
Interpersonal Skills

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