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Basic Composition Skills (grammar, spelling, style, transitioning, etc.)
Basic Writing Skills (preparation, formatting, drafting and proofreading)
Some Types of Correspondence (including numerous samples)
Technical Writing
Reference Materials (dictionaries, thesaurus, encyclopedias, etc.)
Materials to Do Writing Workshop

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Library's Communications Blog

General Resources and Advice

General Recommendations to Improve Communications Skills
Online Writing Lab
Writing Skills
The Eclectic Writer
Word Detective
Literary Machine
Common Errors in English
Business Communication Targets - Instructional Videos
Writing Resources
Business Writing: How New Is That Rule?
20 Resuscitation Tips for Lifeless Writing
How to Succeed in Business Writing: Don't Be Dickens
Are You A Cookie Cutter Writer Or Something Else?
What Are Ready Reference Sheets?
Do We Need A Style Guide?
Style Guide Tips
Tips To Get Your Document Read
A Documentation Challenge
The ROI of Documentation
Tips To Maintain Documents

Basic Composition Skills

Grammar - Lynch guide to grammar and style
Style - Lynch guide to grammar and style
Transitioning - Key words for transitioning

Basic Writing Skills

Audiences and what to convey
Formatting - Using titles and subtitles for spacing and readability
Formatting - How to format your text so it's more readable
Formatting - Recommended headings for business reports
Formatting - Using headings/sections
Formatting - Using Microsoft Word typographic capabilities
Drafting - Guidelines for writing your first draft
Proofreading - Proofreading and editing tips
Documentation Types

Some Types of Correspondence

Bad News Letter - Guidelines for writing "bad news" letter
E-mail vs. voice mail
Memo - Sample
Minutes - Meeting minutes (for example, Board meeting minutes)
Email Writing, Management and Policies
Procedure for writing a procedure - Sample
Sales Proposals
Social Networking (Online)

Technical Writing

Defining a Technical Writer
Contents of a User Guide
Tips To Get Your Document Read
13 Tips For Technical Writers
Technical Writers = Business Analysts = Usability Expert
Creating Test Plans
To Train Or Not To Train A Technical Writer
A Global Technical Writer
Steps To Become A Technical Writer
The Cloud And Mobile Tech Writing
Social Media For Technical Writers
Technical Writer’s Dilemma – Images Or Text Only?
The Technical Writer Project Manager
Build Your Technical Writing Templates
Key Words Technical Writers Need To Understand
The Flexible Technical Writer
Gamification And Techncial Writing
Tables And Technical Writing
Technical Writing And Work Instructions
Getting To Know Your Technical Writing Department (Part 1)
Getting To Know Your Technical Writing Department (Part 2)
What Are Functional Specifications

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