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U.S. Enterprise Law: Forming Organizations

Assembled by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD

The following, miscellaneous information which may be helpful as an overview of various aspects of business law in the United States of America. Businesses requiring legal advice should contact an attorney. It might be helpful for the reader to first get a broad overview of organizations by reading

Legal Forms and Traditional Structures of U.S. Business Organizations

Sections of This Topic Include

Overviews of Legal Forms of Organizations (include hybrid forms of organizations)
Selecting Your Legal Form of Organization
General Resources

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Overviews of Legal Forms

Conventional Forms

Joint Ventures
Nonprofit Organizations

"Hybrid" Forms of Organizations

Hybrid Organizations (Wikipedia)
Low-Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C)
Private Letter Rulings and the L3C
Charity-Owned Limited Liability Companies
L3C (Wikipedia)
Steps to B Corp Certification
B Corporation > Nonprofit: Tactical Philanthropy Advisors
The L3C a Complete Backgrounder
L3Cs a Sweet Honey of a Deal for Social Entrepreneurs
B Corporations Get a Boost With Very Own Ad Campaign

Selecting Your Legal Form of Organization

Legal Forms and Traditional Structures of U.S. Businesses (for-profit and nonprofit)
Sole Proprietor? Or Independent Contractor? What's the Difference?
Incorporating Your Small Business - Advantages and Disadvantages of Incorporation
Why do people start their businesses as sole proprietorships?
Should Your Business Be an LLC or an S Corp?
Alternative Legal Structures for Your Business

General Resources

Small Business Administration -- legal forms
Starting a For-Profit Business (includes links to many articles)
Starting a Nonprofit Organization (discusses steps involved and references numerous articles)

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