One response to “Do teams work?”

  1. Re: So how can you be sure your teams are effective?

    In addition to your questions you posted that managers/supervisors/team leaders should continually examine in their teams the ff. can be added:

    1. Does your team engage in behavior that encourages interdependence and trust (for e.g. respects differences in ideas, mentoring, and win-win problem solving; or does it engage in behaviors that are destructive to collaboration such as inappropriate use of power by the team leader or manager, problems and key decisions are only made by managers and executives, differing opinions are not tolerated, high internal competition and etc.

    2. Is promotion only based on individual achievement or team and relational skills as well?

    There are many more practical tips included in and real life examples of companies who were able to achieve business success by building a more positive team culture in their company.

    This book is full of practical advice for business owners, managers, supervisors, team leaders and HR managers on how to build successful teams.

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