Anatomy of the Drivers Model

The table below summarizes the definition of each component of the Drivers Model.


A picture of the “preferred future”; a statement that describes how the future will look if the organization fulfills its mission.

To be the place where meeting planners meet


A statement of the overall purpose of an organization which describes what you do, for whom you do it and the benefit.

To provide a forum for furthering the growth and professionalism of the meetings industry

Guiding Principles

General guidelines which set the foundation for how an organization will operate.

We believe we must remain a comfortable forum for meeting planners. Therefore we will implement policies to ensure a suitable membership balance between planners and suppliers


Broad, long-term aims that define fulfillment of the mission.

Maximize membership growth, retention and involvement


Specific, quantifiable, realistic targets that measure the accomplishment of a goal over a specified period of time.

Increase average attendance from 125 to 250 per meeting

Positioning Statements

Positioning statements are broad determinations about the direction and focus of the organization.

We believe increases in the quality of manufacturing in third-world countries will result in an acceleration in the downward pressure on retail prices for lighting products. Therefore we must seek off-shore opportunities for sourcing products and, in the longer term, establish our own international manufacturing capability.


Key conditions that must be created to achieve one or more objectives.

High awareness by meeting planners of the association and its benefits to attract members


Existing or potential challenges that hinder the achievement of one or more objectives.

Inadequate process for getting new members involved results in burn-out of a few and low retention


Broad activities required to achieve an objective, create a critical condition, or overcome a barrier.

Utilize assessment survey and industry referrals to select quality speakers and topics


Specific steps to be taken, by whom and by when, to implement a strategy.

Assemble new PR committee (Exec,  Feb 1)

Develop PR objectives (PR, Mar 1)

Develop promotion (PR, Mar 15)


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