Best Version of YOU

George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, was asked who would he want to be (anyone in the course of history) if he could go back and do it all over again. His answer was that he would be the man he never was.
The time is now to be the “best versions of ourselves,” as taught by author and speaker Matthew Kelly.  We have one life on earth to live. I’ve always been passionate about living without regrets, so I was very inspired by Kelly’s audio presentation that we were listening to at our yearly WINGS (Women in Nourishing Groups for the Soul) retreat with my soul sisters, Sara Zittlow and Julie Wylie.
Kelly discussed the importance of being the best version of ourselves in four dimensions – physically, spiritually, mentally and socially/emotionally. This is exactly what we’ve been doing as a WINGS group for the past 13 years, helping each other soar in our own journey of personal transformation.
One of our retreat traditions is writing a letter to ourselves that we will open up a year from now at our next retreat.  It’s a way for us to put our intentions in writing and intend what we would like our upcoming year to bring us.  I always enjoy writing these letters and reading them a year later.
Brian Tracy, well known speaker and author, says it another way.  At the beginning of this year make a commitment to make this the best year of your life.  Then project into the year to the last day of the year on Dec. 31.  Give gratitude that it was the best year.  Then write about why it was your best year.  What was it that you did and accomplished, who were you being and who were you with?
To help make sure that you don’t stay stressed and sabotage your success, I’ve recorded this complimentary presentation for you to enjoy that will help you make sure that you live without regrets and become the best version of YOU! Click here.


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As your inspired life mentor, Janae Bower inspires YOU to live a balanced and purposeful life.   She founded Finding IT and started Project GratOtude, a movement to increase gratitude in people’s lives.

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