One response to “Business Ethics – Where to draw the line?”

  1. Dave Roitman

    Linda – thank you for sharing your wisdom on knowing what one will and won’t do for money; and on firmly drawing the line before the temptation builds to step over it. Is this simple for you? My experience is that sometimes it’s very hard. The phrase “ethical dilemma” has meaning. The pressures you describe in your talk are so powerful. Psychologists have shown how, in situations where social norms are strong, most people do “the wrong thing.” Even worse, there are times when it seems like we have to choose between two wrong actions and the choice is “which one’s worse;” those are the dilemmas. Your advice to draw the line firmly and to know one’s relationship to money are excellent entry points. Perhaps another entry point is to build a close group of friends who are willing and able to confront each other – in support and friendship – to help each other do what’s right. Twelve step programs; the Bible story of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz; and some scenes from Sex and the City (what an ethics support group there!) come to mind. This is a critical topic today and often tiptoed around unless there are clear and legalistic guidelines, which can have the negative impact of externalizing moral choices and disconnecting us from our internal source for what’s right and wrong. Well – since a lot of what we pay attention to these days lives in blogs like this – thanks again for bringing right action to our attention and reminding us of its importance.

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