2 responses to “Authenticity, Vulnerability & Faith”

  1. Marilyn R. Mills

    Inspiring topic just in the nick of time. As always a wonderful writer. A joy to know and have as a friend. Keep writing Linda.

  2. Chris Wiseman

    Linda, Thanks for a great perspective on conducting yourself in the workplace. I think that it is easy to try to stay under the radar and it is interesting just how “bold” it can be seen to be authentic, faithful and vulnerable. I’ve found that it may cost you (sometimes dearly) but there is a freedom and peace in knowing you were true to yourself that you can’t experience any other way. Moreover, from a professional standpoint, you build credibility and a reputation that you will take with you which will as you continue to conduct yourself in that way, pay dividends far beyond the point where others crumble or implode.

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