One response to “Having a Rough Week? Five Ideas to Shift your Energy.”

  1. Jeremy Parrott

    I like this post because it speaks to the nature of energy and momentum. Lucky for us, we live in a world of relativity; which means we can benefit from positive energy…even when it’s not that positive. An example of this can be seen when recovering from the flu. The moment you start feeling better tends to be the start of a run of positive energy. You may still feel, sound, and look terrible, but chances are that you will feel positive energy through the relief of not being as sick as you were in the moments before. Each moment that follows helps gather the momentum of positive energy that continues to ignite a new perspective and motivation. The key is to spot the trend and figure out where it begins.

    Giving a card, bringing donuts, watching a funny video, visual imagery, and sharing stories of joy are all catalysts for positive energy. If you become an expert in harnessing that energy, others around you will tap into that Source and feed off the positive emotions.

    Nicely done!

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