2 responses to “Lessons from the River Creatures”

  1. Dan Juraschek

    As a younger person, I did not really have an appreciation for the importance of celebrations of events like birthdays. They were very important as a child and they have become important again now that I am in my 6th decade. But they are important now for a different reason. I am a person who let go of the rock several times in my life. As a young man, the draw of adventure and the frustration of sameness, the “something more to life” helped override clinging. But so did a measure of ignorance masquerading as fearlessness. The transition from being bashed to floating and learning how to keep feet aimed downstream helped. It also helped that the bruises were short lived. But as I aged, the bruises seemed to last longer. It is the fear of bruises that has remotivated clinging.
    But that is where celebrating comes in and birthdays once again grow in importance. Birthdays as a child celebrated moving forward to new adventures and new opportunitiies. Now birthdays stand as reminders that it has been possible to successfully navigate change… and the reminder that each day now is less to be feared than to be welcomed as a gift.

  2. Abraham

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