Being a project manager means

there will be times when you will not be the most popular person in the room ……

Much of the lot of the project manager is concerned with dealing with issues; that may mean bringing attention to issues, their source, impact and resolution to the table for the project team, sponsors and executives to resolve. In these circumstances, project mangers need to be: open; ruthlessly objective; focused; and visionary. Not every individual would relish this responsibility, for example, in a recent conversation with wanna-be project managers, many practical examples of issues that PMs may face were discussed – not everyone in the room was happy about being responsible for managing their resolution and what this would entail in real life.

Testing issues such as this should be an important element of selecting project managers as well as defining their responsibilities.


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2 responses to “Being a project manager means”

  1. Sir,

    The explanation on an Internal Project Manager’s role according to me ends once the Project Objectives are met in terms of Objectives/ Value Realisation/ Quality Standards are met.
    Once the project is on track for production and marketing with cash flow starting I wonder whether the Inhouse PM will be productively employed.
    My opinion is an External Project Management team will be better

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    Regards:Mr S M Nhlapo

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