What makes a great project manager?

Throughout the whole of my career, I have come across a few great project managers. These are people who actually deliver a project, which is very much a success, and broadly gets delivered within the key mainstream delivery targets.

But, the key question in my mind is why are they great project managers?  What makes the difference? (if indeed there is one?).

Many people (and even business psychologists) have looked at this question and have come up with some very interesting results, but with a tool like a blog we can ask all those out there for their views?

Please let us know your thoughts.


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One response to “What makes a great project manager?”

  1. Having worked with various Project Managers over the years, you find some that are well organized and have the skills necessary to drive results.

    In this generation, the PM needs to provide a more structured environment to allow the vision of the Project Champion to permeate the organization. Essentially, this involves guiding the executive team through the change management issues that undoubtedly will provide barriers to the project.

    Gravity Gardener

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