How to Set Clear Agreements

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    Many times my executive coaching clients express frustration because others do not meet their expectations. When you set clear agreements at the beginning of a project or new work relationship, you can avoid pitfalls and misunderstandings. Here are some questions to help you set clear agreements in an effective and collaborative “coach approach” manner.

    What? – establish the course of action

    • What do we want to achieve?
    • What is the scope?
    • What are the expectations that I have of you and you have of me?
    • What does success look like and how will it be measured?
    • What is the current status?
    • What are the future steps?

    Why? – verify the reason

    • Why is this important?
    • What is the fundamental purpose?
    • Who will it affect most if we succeed? If we fail?
    • What are the consequences of doing nothing?

    When? – agree upon the timeline

    • When do we start?
    • What is the deadline?
    • What are the significant milestones?

    Who? – decide responsibilities

    • Who will be responsible for what?
    • Who will follow up with whom?
    • Who else needs to know?

    How? – determine the method

    • What will our processes be?
    • What do we expect in terms of quality and standards of excellence?
    • How and when do we communicate?
    • How will we address conflict should it arise?
    • How will we celebrate success?

    Try the What? Why? When? Who? and How? method to set clear agreements and get better results.


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