Coaching Tip – Get an Accountability Partner

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    When I talk with people they state they are disappointed that sometimes they do not accomplish their goals – a promotion, start a business, run a marathon, go back to school, or whatever they set their sights on. They have great intentions and mean well, but they fall short on execution. What they set out to do doesn’t happen.

    Accountability is one of the reasons why coaching works – clients have a partner to help them stay committed and take action on what is important to them. My clients tell me that our coaching check-ins help them keep their momentum.

    Here’s a tip – if you do not work with a coach, I suggest getting an Accountability Partner – someone who will help keep you focused and in action. Another option is to form small groups of trusted colleagues that meet on a regular basis – Accountability Groups. You will find that you will be more successful in accomplishing what you set out to do when you stay accountable to someone.

    Who will be your Accountability Partner?

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