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    How to Interact with Your Target Audience

    On Facebook, like any other social networking site, one of your highest priorities is connecting with your Target Audiences.

    Plan to interact with them at least daily, by:

    • Posting Updates. 90% of Facebook engagement is achieved through Updates.
    • Inviting your Target Audiences to interact on your site via the Tabs. This is a powerful community-building tactic.
    • Asking and answering questions. It’s a GREAT way to establish real relationship, position yourself as an expert, and offer value. When you offer expert information – your Target Audiences will respect you and come back for more.
    • Commenting – on your Page and your Fans’ Profiles and Pages.
    • Thanking people who engage and/or Like you.
    • Liking other Pages’ status updates (a new capability with the 2011 update).
    • Polling your audience. Example: what content do they want? Rate their effective use of Facebook. Surveys show that Facebook users LOVE to engage on Facebook topics.

    Many Facebook Profiles and Pages are active – but do they really grab the attention of your target audience? Below are examples of tactics to engage your Fans.

    Use a calendar to plan Facebook engagement tactics in advance.

    Post Facebook Updates to ask your Target Audiences:

    • To broadcast their news, announcements, events, stories, etc.
    • To share tips that make their jobs easier, free tools they find helpful, learnings from past seminars or events, employee hiring/firing issues, etc.
    • To share stories about how they achieve greater success (management/motivational insights, sales increases, marketing tips, etc.)
    • For questions they want to ask each other
    • For favorite tweets from supporters
    • To post PHOTOS and tag them
    • To post links to: their site’s Home page, their mission statement, their blog, their Twitter name, videos, photos from previous events (again, tagging people in them), etc.
    • To recommend like-minded individuals in their networks
    • To Tweet your specific messages
    • To subscribe via SMS

    The key to all this Facebook engagement activity is to calendar it, then monitor it. When conversations start and comments build, your activities are fruitful!

    What Facebook engagement tactics have worked for you? Share one of your biggest success stories.


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