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    More Similarities to Profiles

    Launched today, Mashable reported on Facebook’s new Page redesign – giving users an experience more consistent with Profiles. Right away, you’ll notice the differences in the new layout. The new Page redesign will also operate more like Profiles. According to Rohit Dhawan, lead product manager for Facebook Pages, “We strongly believe you should have consistent experiences when possible.”

    The redesign rollout was not completely unexpected, since it debuted in late 2010, when they accidentally launched it, but very quickly took it down, due to features that were apparently ill-conceived. But now, just a few short months later, they’re back at it with a much more thorough approach that’ll make it easier for everyone to learn and use.

    “A Page can now use Facebook as if they were an individual with the ability to interact with other pages,” Dhawan said. “It provides interesting content when people are visiting the Page.”

    Creative Facebook Page Photos

    Pages can also now display photos at the top. Take a look at some creative facebook photo design elements, including segmenting photos and upside-down photos. A great way to distinguish your Page from your competitors’!

    Other Important Changes

    Some of the behind-the-scenes changes make social networking on Facebook more meaningful. Important changes include:

    • Page Admins have the ability to post and comment on other Facebook Pages through the “Login as Page” feature
    • The left-hand menu for editing pages has been removed in favor of a new navigation menu
    • Brand info can be placed at the top of the Page under the main title
    • A new section shows users how many of their friends have also “liked” that particular page
    • Most popular content will gravitate to the top

    Test it and Tweak

    Admins have until March 10th to preview and play with their design elements. After that, Facebook will automatically update all Pages to the new design. In the meantime, have fun with their Page Tour and a manual that explains the new design.

    What do you see as the pros and cons of Facebook’s new Page redesign? Any suggestions for other Admins?


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