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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the Key to Targeted Traffic

    When building your site, be sure that it’s optimized for your long tail niche keywords and that it incorporates other tactics which help search engines find it.

    Search Engines’ Goal

    Search engines’ ultimate goal is to make it easy to find information relevant to the search topic. They are very sophisticated, and their “algorithms” for search are highly confidential. Many SEO professionals study search engine behavior and offer these tips for what the search engines deem important when ranking content:

    • Keywords in the domain name.
    • Keywords in the content pages.
    • Keywords in titles and subtitles.
    • Keywords with emphasis – such as italics, bold, and highlighted.
    • External links (backlinks) to your site.
    • Your site’s age.

    You want to use your long tail keywords 3% of the time. That is, for every 100 words of content, 3 should be your long tail keywords. Use them “above the fold” – the portion of the site that shows without scrolling down.

    SEO guide

    One favorite guide to SEO has been downloaded FREE over a million times. Offered by, “The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an in-depth tutorial on how search engines work. It covers the fundamental strategies that make websites search engine friendly.

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    • How search engines operate.
    • How people interact with search engines.
    • Why search engine marketing is necessary.
    • The basics of search engine friendly design and development.
    • Keyword research.
    • How usability, experience, & content affect rankings.
    • Growing popularity and links.
    • Search engine tools and services.
    • Myths and misconceptions about search engines.
    • Measuring and tracking success.

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