2 responses to “Google Docs and Google Sites”

  1. There is a fatal flaw to the concept of “going 100% web-based” for anything, not just Google Docs. What if your Internet connection goes down, particularly for any length of time?

    Assuming the issue is strictly confined to your primary Internet connection — e.g., in my case, my cable company — then backup plans can be employed, IF you’ve prepared in advance. Examples of backup plans I have in place:

    *A Verizon mobile hotspot
    *Ability to use my Blackberry for Internet access
    *Ability to relocate my business to the nearest wi-fi location

    Obviously, the first plan is optimal, but it also requires a not-inexpensive monthly fee.

    Remember, we’re all VERY spoiled by having almost 24/7 access to the Internet — but we can’t take it for granted.

    Jonathan Bernstein
    Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc.

  2. Jonanthan-
    Thank you for your very valid point and keen warning. As a Crisis Manager, I’d bet that you have handled many client cases involving lost internet access. THANK YOU for offering your own insider tips for backup access.

    Lisa Chapman

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