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  2. I wholeheartedly agree that the theoretical focus of adaptive leadership is on the organization and not on one particular leadership style or approach. I am a senior pastor at a church and for the last three churches in which I have worked, I have taken an adaptive approach. I’m not sure I knew what to call it, but I knew that for these churches to grow, I needed to become whatever kind of leader was necessary for the church to move in the direction that God intended it to go.

    Now, how one goes about determining God’s direction for a church is another matter entirely. But I took an adaptive approach basically asking; what is the greatest need? (whether to eliminate unnecessary or undesireable elements whether people in certain positions or entire ministries or to add people, positions or ministries) Then ask, “how can I put myself in a position to best facilitate the direction we are going?” In some cases, I would take charge of a particular ministry for a time, train up a mentor and hand it over. Sometimes, I will delegate a position right off the bat. The point remains – the focus is on the organization, not the leader.

    This to me is also descriptive of Jim Collins theory of 5th level leadership – where the organization becomes the focus of the leaders attention instead of the leader being the focus of the organizations attention. Churches that are leader focused will fall apart when the leader leaves! Churches that are purpose driven, whose leaders are focused on the mission will continue to thrive when the leader leaves.

    Like the article and agree with it in principle. I epecially like your list of adaptive leader competencies, but I would add one. . . .

    (Insert Bullet) The adaptive leader needs to be have an attitude of humility that will enable to him or her to learn and acquire new skills for the sake of the organization.

    Just my two cents.

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