2 responses to “It’s Not My Job”

  1. While it’s true that managers have the ultimate responsibility to manage preformance theeorganization’s human resource professionals must accept responsibility and ownership for the accociated processes and follow through.

    To do that HR professionals must develop those processes in a manner that they are a usual and regular part of a managers job – not “oh by the way”, once a year drive bys. Instead of “you should have”, HR message needs to be “here’s how to”.

    This can be done by refining our processes to repetitive and predictable. We also need to realize that our presence, input, and personal commitment all help managers to relate to the fact that the HR processes aren’t added burdens and distractions from their “real work”. Perfomrance managment, succession planning, talent development, knowledge managment and the host of other HR related responsibilities are enablers that provide an opportunity for excellence in the “real work”.

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