4 responses to “Motivation- Whose job is it anyway?”

  1. This is not the case presently, but in the past, one thing that demotivated me was those supervisors with a habit of taking credit for something I had done myself without any help from them: sort of “lack of recognition” taken to a whole new level.

  2. Interesting post, Sheri. I have read so much about motivation and I agree that individuals are motivated by different things.

    I wrote a couple posts that I think you would find interesting and would create some good conversation. Check out the one I wrote about individual motivating factors here http://www.careercurve.com/blog/?p=106.

    I also see how coming at this discussion from the point of view of hiring those that are motivated and trying to keep them that way could be more effective than trying to make them that way. But how do you know someone is really motivated? I touch on that here http://www.careercurve.com/blog/?p=106 where my take is trying to inspire rather than motivate as motivation is a short term state of mind and more task-related than big picture.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I enjoyed this post coming from a different perspective of the “motivate your employees” discussion.

  3. This is a insightful piece. Manager, like doctor, sometimes think they can do so much to change one’s behavior (body), not knowing it is the person (body) himself that learn (heal). His role is really understand the structure and things that stuck of such person, and then clear the path for them.

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