Events Are Team Efforts

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    An event without the right vendors can be anywhere from “ho-hum” to a total disaster! Be it a one night gala or a three-day conference with gala and other related special events, you want vendors that you know and have worked with in the past.

    The “look” of the event begins when people receive their invitations. On arrival at the venue, the “look” continues and sets the tone for the evening. Those “OHs” and “AHs” you hear when the doors open are the hard work of a great team … you, the planner, and your vendors — the lighting team, the audio-visual team, the production team and the printers.

    Together you can create anything, from a stand-out invitation to twinkling stars as the stage backdrop, to a panorama of photographs of your honorees and special guests. You can use large screens, gobos, pipe and drape, and banners. And don’t forget trees and plants/flowers – they can help you make many different kinds of statements.

    Whether it is the organization’s logo as the centerpiece or a full screen with a dynamite photograph, you can turn a simple stage into an exciting backdrop for your program or entertainment.

    Ask the experts for their advice. They frequently have new ideas just waiting for the right opportunity to show them off. One audio-visual company that we work with, and in which I have full faith and confidence, told me about using “pillow lights” as a backdrop. But, even after they showed me a few photos, I couldn’t seem to “see” it. I was glad they convinced me to try it, ‘cause when I walked into the ballroom, I was the one “OHing” and “AHing” over how fabulous it looked.

    When we were unable to get a red carpet for our VIP guests, this same company created a “red carpet” walkway using lights that amazed and delighted the audience.

    Not every idea is expensive. We have created some interesting “environments” on a shoestring; again, thanks to some of our clever vendors. Don’t hesitate to ask. The right vendors will have more answers than you think, and it is to their advantage to make your event shine.

    Having the right vendors ensures the creation of the right event for your organization.
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