Cornell Dean Welcomes Pro-ISIS Club

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    Behaving as if you could be caught on tape at any moment is just good crisis management

    You are ALWAYS on camera. Cornell University’s assistant dean for students found this out the hard way after becoming the latest figure to have shocking behavior exposed via YouTube.

    An undercover reporter for Project Veritas, which operates under the tagline, “Investigating and exposing corruption in both public and private institutions” posed as a student interested in attending the university and captured a series of incredible responses from the dean on a hidden camera.

    While the many cuts in the video have some feeling skeptical, it’s hard to deny its legitimacy when the dean is asked, “If you supported Hamas would that be a problem?”, and, in a direct response, states the university would not be opposed.

    Whether this is a case of political correctness gone too far or a major American university telling potential students (aka customers) anything they want to hear we may never know, but what’s for certain is that it’s yet another reminder that you can safely assume cameras are rolling whether you can see them or not.

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