Crisis Prevention Made Simple

Crisis prevention saves lives, saves money, and saves reputation. Yet the majority of organizations neglect it until a major crisis hits. It shouldn’t take a dose of pain to spur you into action. In this popular article, Bernstein Crisis Management president Jonathan Bernstein lays out The 10 Steps of Crisis Prevention that can get you […]

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Preparing for what product recalls cost

We hear about product recalls all the time, but if your organization has never experienced one it can be hard to determine how much it might cost. While the numbers will vary depending on industry, product, and any number of other factors, the graphic below (from the Rentokill blog) illustrates the four main areas you need […]

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Anticipating Crises

While some crises come out of the blue, and every crisis management effort involves some form of in-the-moment adaptation the vast majority can at least be predicted in terms of category. For example, every organization should have plans in place for a category of events titled “natural disaster”. You don’t know exactly what that disaster might […]

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