Can there ever be too much transparency?

  Can there ever be too much transparency? Transparency has been recognized as a vital attribute for organizational health and performance. Organizations that demonstrate transparency give voice for employee concerns. Leaders that are willing to be vulnerable in sharing even bad news create environments where employees can admit mistakes before crises erupt. So when is too much transparency? […]

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Different “Schools” of Ethics

In an earlier life, I taught business ethics. (Most of my undergraduate college credits are in philosophy.) So here’s a very concise overview of the major “school”s of ethics that are often taught in business ethics programs. Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative (1700s) Kant asserted that a belief is an ethical principle if, and only if, […]

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Combating the Hero Worship Culture at Penn State: the NCAA Got It Exactly Right

By David Gebler and Donna Boehme In the wake of the Penn State child abuse scandal, many in the media were outraged by the NCAA’s decision to instantly vacate the university’s win record from 1998 through 2011. As two ethicists with a combined 40+ years working in the trenches with organizations and their cultures, we’d […]

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