Board Training and Dev.

Some thoughts on board composition

Some considerations to assist in developing an effective board composition.

Effective Board Meetings

Probably the most important procedure that the board will undertake is the board meeting. At this meeting members of the board obtain and exchange information from each other and from the executive team, establish the objectives of the organisations, take decisions on courses of action and investments, delegate authority to the management team, and jointly […]

Board Gender Balance – a personal perspective

Here are some thoughts I put together on the issue of board gender balance. I would love to have your feedback on these.

Focus v. Fashion – get your board OFF the latest fad

I wish I had a dollar for every article on the latest buzz-word that every board should worry about. Or fifty cents for every list of twenty questions board members should ask about the craze. I would hate to be on a board that was so easily sidetracked from their real concern; running the company so that it achieves what it was set up to achieve.

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