Community Rules

Rules for inserting links and recommending books are:

  • Be sure to first read How to Add to the Library, if you have not yet done so.
  • New link must be directly to free substantive information.
  • Do not require users to register to receive the information -- even if registration is free.
  • Don't make users follow more links to the free information.
  • Link must not be primarily about ad's, a company, etc.
  • Be sure you can legally link to that information.
  • Information must be within purpose of Library. See the "About Library" section referenced in the sidebar.
  • Training programs, groups, periodicals, blogs, supersites, reference materials and jobs - are in the "General Info" section referenced in the sidebar.
  • Abusers will be banned from adding content. (We can detect the specific IP address in effect when the abuse occurred.)
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