Buying a For-Profit Business

Sections of This Topic Include

Basics and Planning
Where to Find Opportunities to Buy a Business
Screening New Businesses to Buy
- - - Franchises?
- - - Multilevel Marketing Companies?
- - - Business Incubators (new businesses that share facilities and other resources)
Evaluating the Business
Making the Deal
Tax Implications
Financing the Deal
Closing the Deal

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Basics and Planning

For Some Personal Reflection

Don't Start It! Buy It!
Buying a Business
Buying a Business or Its Assets
So You Think You Want to Buy a Business?

Basics of Planning

How to Buy a Business
How to Purchase an Existing Business
How to Buy a Business

Do You Need Help?

Nine Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Business Broker
A listing of brokers across the nation

Where to Find Opportunities to Buy a Business

Six Places to Look (where to find opportunities for buy a business
BizQuest -- Sources of contacts to buy and sell businesses
Business Broker's Network - Businesses for Sale

Screening New Businesses to Buy


What to Ask When You Call
6 Tips for Finding the Best Buyer for Your Business


FTC's Franchise and Business Opportunity Page
Tips for Buying a Franchise

Multi-Level Marketing Companies?

(This type of business includes selling through distributors.)

Evaluating the Business

valuation rules of thumb
Growth Through Acquisition
Choosing an Appraiser
Evaluating a Franchise
How Crisis Management Can Enhance the Due Diligence Process
Rethinking Valuation So You Don't Miss a Good Deal

Making the Deal

10 Things to Look for When Buying a Business
How to Assemble a Team to Buy a Business

Tax Implications

Tax Implications

Financing the Deal

Financing by For-Profits

Closing the Deal

Getting a Loan

Sources of Free Information and Materials

Deloitte & Touche's extensive and well-organized list of articles
American Express' list of articles
Resources for For-Profits

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