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    Whether you are looking to improve yourself, how you work with others or
    how you work with groups, here are 1,000s of free, well-organized and online
    resources to do that!

    Or, if you are thinking about starting a new organization, or wanting to
    improve how you lead and manage in your current organization, then you’ve
    come to the right place.

    1. You might start by reading How
      to Use the Library
    2. Then scan down the following six sections to notice the many categories
      of topics. Remember that all topics reference numerous, free online resources.
    3. You might also use some of the assessments to the right in most of the
      sections to identify which topics that you want to work on.
    4. Then pick which topics you need to master.

    So where do you want to start? How to:

    How to Improve Yourself



    Building Blocks

    Writing Process

    Types and Styles

    Types of Correspondence



    Decisions / Problem Solving

    Planning and Organizing

    Managing Yourself

    Personal Wellness

    Career Advancement

    How to Work With Others

    How to Work With Groups

    How to Lead and Manage in Your Organization


    Leading Organizations



    Human Resources

    Financial Management

    Customers and Products

    Sales and Marketing

    Risk Management


    How to Improve Your Organization

    1. Organizational Cycle:
    Performance Management

    2. Org’l Purpose and Goals:
    Strategic Planning

    3. Org’l Structures and Design:
    Strategy Toward Goals

    4. Org’l Behavior:
    Strategy Toward Goals

    5. Org’l Evaluation & Diagnosis:
    Status Toward Goals

    6. Org’l Change:
    Adjustment Toward Goals

    OD Practitioners:
    Experts in Change

    How to Solve Complex Problems (Internal/External Consulting)

    Foundations of Internal/External Consulting


    Various Approaches

    1. Contracting and Engagement Phase

    2. Discovery Phase

    3. Action Planning Phase

    4. Implementation and Change Phase

    5. Evaluation and Learning Phase

    6. Termination and Closure Phase

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