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Strategic Planning -- Related Library Topics

This topic includes information for for-profits and nonprofits. Information specific to one type of organization is marked as such.

Regarding Phases of Traditional Strategic Planning Process

Preparation for Strategic Planning
- - - Guidelines to Keep Perspective During Planning
- - - Useful Skills to Have When Planning
- - - Need Consultant or Facilitator to Help You With Planning?
- - - Who Should Be Involved in Planning?
- - - How Many Planning Meetings Will We Need?
Always First Do "Plan for a Plan"
Strategic Analyses
- - - Taking Wide Look Around the Outside of Organization (Opportunities and Threats)
- - - Looking Around Inside the Organization (Strengths and Weaknesses)
Setting Strategic Direction
- - - Strategizing (identifying goals and methods to achieve them)
- - - Developing/Updating Mission Statement (the purpose of the organization)
- - - Developing/Updating Vision Statement (depiction of future state of organization and customers)
- - - Developing/Updating Values Statement (overall priorities in how organization operates)
Action Planning (who will do what and by when)
Writing and Communicating the Plan
Implementing, Monitoring, Evaluating and Deviating from the Plan -- and Managing Change

Broader Related Topics

Appreciative Inquiry
Business Development
Basic Research Methods
Business Planning
Capacity Building (nonprofits)
Chaos Theory
Controlling / Coordinating the Implementation of Plans
Creativity and Innovation
Decision Making
How to Improve Your Organization
How to Lead and Manage in Your Organization
How to Work With Groups
Finances and Accounting (For-Profit)
Finances and Accounting (Nonprofit)
General Planning Process
Guidelines, Methods and Resources for Organizational Change Agents
Guidelines for Successful Planning
Management by Objectives
Evaluating Organizations
Organizational Structures and Design
Organizational Evaluation
Organizational Performance Management
Organizing Resources to Implement Plans
Organizational Sustainability
Performance Management (generic)
Planning (includes numerous types of planning)
Problem Solving
Product Development
Program Management
Project Planning
Sustainable Development
Systems Thinking

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